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Back into writing! And I have a preview for "Princess Flurry Heart, Destroyer of Worlds!" for you! · 7:41pm Mar 1st, 2017

Hello, my lovely readers, I greet you and bring great news! I am officially back into the writing business after feeling exhausted and being plagued by depressions for more than a month!
The new chapter for "Princess Flurry Heart, Destroyer of Worlds!" is not done yet, but I made progress on it and finally felt that spark while writing again that let me have such a nice pace with it!
And I have a short preview for you! Find it below if you are eager to get a small insight into Chapter 20!
As always, remember this is a WIP preview! Things in it may change for the final version.

“Can I see it now?!” Her voice trembled from impatience and she started to kick with her hindlegs.
“Haha, I guess we can't make it any more exciting for you!” Shining Armor looked at his wife. “Let us introduce our guest to her!”
Playfully, Cadance rolled her eyes. “Shining, you know he doesn't really need introduction. Flurry Heart knows him.”
The words felt like something was gripping the inside of Flurry's chest and squeezing it together. Her heart started to pound faster. “Finally tell me!” Flurry Heart put her hooves down on the stool in front of her and began to hop up and down on it, now completely unable to keep in her excitement.
The two parents exchanged a naughty glance, then both of them turned to the door and raised their voices. “You can come in now!”
From somewhere in the corridor, the sound of a door getting opened and closed could be heard, then steps approached the kitchen. Flurry Heart turned towards the door, her heart still pounding. Her eyes glistened as she waited for the mysterious guest to reveal himself.

And that's it for now! Today is Derpy Day, so I did not write anything to fully concentrate on this day, but I will continue working on the chapter tomorrow. You can look forward to a release of it this week!
And for everyone waiting for a new chapter of "Aunt Millie", I can't promise I will have the chapter out this week, but I will start working on it once I'm done with the new chapter for Flurry Heart and bring it to you as fast as possible!
See you soon!

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