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    It is strange feeling 20 Years ago I was 5 years old in school not knowing nor under standing what had happened. Not knowing how close 09/11/2001 would hit home for me. But as I grew up I learned about two stories, The first one was that my uncle had stuck in traffic that day and miss his normal train into the city. He worked in the north build. But he was late and never got to work. Years late

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    To day I have red white and blue striped polo on.

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    Well my days of college / convenient excuse are gone. SO it back to the writing.

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Do not read topsecret · 5:08am Feb 22nd, 2017

Incoming transmission from agent Winter.

Hello, all seekers.

As of late a certain person has caught my attention. And after infiltrating Erina Tail Yellow base and finding this. My hunch was right she up to something.

c redacted s redacted r redacted

Chapter redacted F redacted

redacted, it’s redacted to be redacted.” redacted

“What’s so redacted with redacted redacted?”

“Anyways, as redacted as you redacted are redacted redacted with one redacted and feel that redacted redacted beat in redacted, that is redacted truly redacted.”

I tried to slip in some information on febnic16 last blog. but Erina caught on. She did manage to miss the last part of very special collab"." was mention.

But since she now asleep right now I can get this info out.

The only lead I have is Undertail and sand. Whatever that is.

That's all I have for now seekers.

Winter signing out.

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