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Hi, name's XenoPony. I'm an avid pony writer and fan fiction author with a wide range of stories.

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Great and Powerful! · 10:39pm Feb 20th, 2017

So, after the utterly gorgeous Glim-Glam before I thought I'd offer some love to another magical unicorn I think we all know and love. So here
she is...

Find all the great and powerful, adorably sexy art below the break!

(She's not wrong there!)

Had to post this a little early because of IRL stuff, but I think we all have to admit that everyone loves Trixe just a little, at least. I mean, she is the perfect show mare after all!:raritywink: One last thing, I think found somepony who certainly appreciates some of this fine, blue butt!

Long live the StarlightXTrixie ship!:yay:

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Comments ( 21 )

This is almost as good as blue breeze's Tushie threads!

Eh could been better where's that near nsfw pics but I like all of it not all of em gonna be in my photo album only one

Something tells me poor Grape Vine is probably unconscious due to blood loss and Gilda's seething from pure jealousy in the background.:derpytongue2:

God damnit, Trixie!!

Why are so adorable and cuddleable? :raritydespair: I also want one to cuddle with!! :raritycry:

That last pic is simply awesome! :rainbowlaugh:

4430243 Awww, they'll all be alright because she's so great and powerful I'm sure there's enough of her for everypony. That, and the Gilda Trixie ship is so awesome! I really wish there was more of it on here!

4430242 You know, there was hardly any near NSFW pictures of her, it was either this or a ban because some of the stuff I saw was real kinky! But I'm always looking for more hot and cute pictures so maybe the next pony will get some.

4430241 Well, I try.:twilightblush:

4430246 The Starlight one, or the last Trixie one?

4430245 It's because she's so great and powerful! No one can resist her magical charm! (And that ridiculously cute butt!)

4430247 I don't think Gilda's jealous because Grape stole her mare. More like the other way round I believe.:derpytongue2: (Also, that first pic with Trixie curled up sleeping with her cape as a makeshift blanket is so cute I almost died from adorableness.)

4430252 If that's the case then, quick you need to see a doctor! let's just hope nurse Red Heart is still there to take care of you.:raritywink:

4430247 I know right its like not enough people like her and I understand I'm sorry

4430251 Starlight one. Of course they are all magnificent :moustache: Hot and powerful Trixie!

4430257 Yeah, Starlight is really basking in the glow of dat plot!

4430256 It's fine, I can't really understand why the images of her are so divisive, I thought there's be loads of stuff for her considering how loved she it.

4430262 I guess most of the love are people who couldn't draw or not brave enough to post them

4430270 Yeah, I suppose. But now I'm left thinking there should be more sexy, cute Trixie artwork!

4430274 yes boy yes I agree with you

4430247 well, I look forward to seeing more!

I can see Trixe as a vampire.

4437440 A great and powerful vampire!

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