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I'm back.

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  • 3 weeks
    Chapter 62 Finished! A new short-story in the works!

    As the title suggests Chapter 62: When All Paths Converged is finished and will be released tomorrow. I hoped to have the chapter finished by the end of the year. But I just wasn't able to finish it off in time. However, I guess you can now take this as a special gift for the new year. Happy Early 2022!

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  • 8 weeks
    I'm Back! Tale of the Second Alpha is back on. For now.

    Really, I never left, I just stopped writing. Both because due to my job cutting into my time, even during Covid I still worked, and me simply no longer being interested in writing the story following what caused me to leave the fandom in the first place. Something which I won't go into here. I still don't consider myself a brony anymore, I stopped watching the show the Season 7 premiere and

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  • 195 weeks
    (Outdated!) Tale of the Second Alpha Canceled (I'm NOT Back!)

    I have officially canceled Tale of the Second Alpha. This decision was a difficult one to make, but I believe it was one that needed to be made.

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  • 201 weeks
    (Outdated!) I'm No Longer Apart Of This Community! All Stories On Hiatus Until Further Notice!

    Due to all of the bullshit that has come out about Toon Kritic (If you are not aware of his open pedophile I have made an ever blog post detailing it and my very angry opinions on the matter) and the open laziness from the entire community to do nothing more than sweep all of this bullshit under the rug and move on as if nothing had happen, and then being angry when the public continues to rip

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  • 208 weeks

    I wish I had happier news to spend right now, but I don't. The next chapter hasn't been going along as fast as I would like it too, and I really have lost most of my motivation to actually continue writing it, but that's an issue for another time and place.

    Right now I have only one message to send and that is that Toon Kritic is a worthless sack of shit that deserves to be shot.

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I'm Done! And Why It Took So Long! (Chapter 57 Update) · 9:49pm Jan 18th, 2017

I have finally finished Chapter 57 of Tale of the Second Alpha. Almost an entire month in the working and I am finally finished with it. If you are wondering why it took so long then just look at the chapter length when it is finally released tomorrow. Here's a hint, it is my longest chapter ever, by far. With a word count of over 15,000 words. The longest previous chapter being the one just before it, at just over 11,000 words. So yeah, I think I earned a longer time for writing.

This chapter being the final chapter that will spend time in the human world. Me returning Equestria with the likes of Theta, Twilight, and Zulu for all of the chapters to come in the immediate future.

The chapter being titled Chapter LVII: Returning to Equestria. I hope that you all enjoy the newest installment in the forever longing, Tale of the Second Alpha.

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