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Pyro, more commonly known as the underworld. The land where all dead ponies go to when they die. This the tale of Lightspeed. Ruled by a red alicorn that gave the land of the dead its name. A recently deceased pegasus that tries to navigate through the fiery wasteland. Lightspeed finding a little bit of himself along the way.

Please leave any thoughts and constructive criticisms in the comments.

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Equestria, the vast land ruled by ponies. But that was not always the case. Long before the rule of the two princesses, the land that would earn the name Equestria was ruled by dragons, and the leader of them all was the Alpha. This is the Tale of the Second Alpha, and how he became friends with the Mane Six. And his fight to defend his home against a very personal threat.

Also posted on my account on Fanfiction.net under the same name.

Gore tag because of detailed violence in later chapters. Romance tag for shipping between characters in later chapters. This isn't a ship fic.

This story has been canceled in order to allow me to possibly rewrite it the future and as such there will be no longer have any more future chapters written for this. I apologize, but this had to be done.

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