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For someone named "TheTimeSword", I sure don't manage my time very well.

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Weekly Blog Posts End · 4:33pm Jan 9th, 2017

Hello there, I'm TheTimeSword.

A year ago today I made a point to write weekly posts about my thoughts or things that happened during the week. I did this to better myself as a writer and as a person. However, I told myself I was only going to do it for a year and today completes that. So, now I am free to make as many or as few blog posts as I would like. I'm not sure what gave me the idea to do it weekly but I'm glad it's over. It was becoming very difficult, and I learned I'm a very boring person.

I decided that for this anniversary I will go back and read a few my older posts just to see how boring I am.

First to note is that I considered writing a "hobby" at the start of last year. That has changed completely as I no longer see it just as a hobby. It's funny what changes and what doesn't in the small time of a year. Lots of things happened in 2016 and I can't say I had a good year. Funnily enough, "2016 will be an interesting and hopeful year for me." was what I wrote in my first blog post. I was also apparently playing Dark Souls 2 around this time, which I am actually playing again right now, this time on the PC.

It's funny how this year was supposed to be about me and working on myself. Looking over these blog posts made me realize that I typed a lot more about writing than I did myself. It really became a random thought catastrophe over time. Even in March I recognized that I had little to say, which really speaks volumes of the insanity of the posts after that.

One of things that my opinion has changed on is the voting system here on FimFic. A year prior I assumed everyone felt the same way I did about negative votes. "poorly written, typos abundant, or goes no where." Now I've noticed other people vote based on character preferences, tag preferences, and other opinionated information. While I still only give negative votes because of the quality of the material and not the material itself, as a writer I have to form stories that maintain a good like ratio in the beginning so that dislikes can come later. Negative votes definitely deter new readers, and so, in the beginning, likes must be had in order to get the story out there for more readers.

I have to laugh at me giving advice on how to write, though. It's been only recently that I've gotten to the point where I would consider myself an experienced writer. In December I got some books that were all about writing and they reinforced my thoughts on where I am as a writer. I have to say that I'm proud of that, especially when looking over old material. I check my work thoroughly, I read it aloud. It's become second nature, and I've still got a ways to go before I can consider myself a great writer. Even still, the advice I've given is still advice I use.

Looking over all these posts, there's one thing that I do need to work on in the 2017 year. And that is... Becoming a bigger part of the FimFiction and Brony community. For 2017 I plan on working more with others and create more Brony related content. I've mostly used FimFic as a writing platform and haven't maintained an interest in being part of the communities. I'd like that to change, perhaps dust off my youtube account and use it for something. I'm not sure how I'll go about doing this, but it's worth a shot. Hasbro won't keep renewing MLP forever so I better get involved before it's all over. It's not like I haven't been watching the show since 2011...

Anyway, that's a look back at this year. I'd hate to jinx myself like I did for 2016, but, I hope 2017 will be a good year for me.


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