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A casual gamer that studies basic principals of game design and writing. Has been spotted playing Remnant From the Ashes, Monster Hunter, and BTD

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  • Thursday
    I keep floating

    I've started actually reading some things here again, during the time I disappeared I read sappy romance manga/manhua and the occasional Fire Punch. The first thing I started looking around for was mostly Changeling stories because they're the most interesting to me. Part of that interest comes from my love of Chrysalis and how every story I've read with an iteration of her I loved never got

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  • 1 week
    Some more old drafts

    So looking through the good ol google drive I found a draft for chapter one of Gambler's Respite, supposed to show off Chum and Carrow gambling against each other and do some other things. The scene itself ain't done, at least the prologue I posted was complete. Would ya'll want me to post the half finished chapter 1? As said in the previous blog and in the authors note of the Prologue I won't be

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  • 1 week

    In one of my classes I have to write a short story and I got drawn back here since I had more than a few ideas here that I never fully pursued. So I came back to check up on things. Still it amazes me how people fly around this lonely island of mine, but it can make for an interesting story. A friend of mine has also gotten into writing so maybe hooking up with that may give me motivation to try

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  • 63 weeks
    Current Thoughts

    As I stay up burning the midnight oil I've once again found myself looking through my old blogs, I don't have too many so it isn't much of a feat. I've noticed that I've thought up some stories I never truly began writing but made it like I did, there were even some that I truly intended to write simply because I invested a lot of time into the character for said story. But alas just like those I

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  • 66 weeks
    Back Again

    Previously I was working on a game, however I soon realized I was way over my head once I started playing other fighting games. Once I did actual research my planned roster of 11 characters was far too small having seen the backlash of the Power Rangers game. Also the extreme amount of small almost unnoticed mechanics/strategies of fighting games baffled me. While I will continue working on it,

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Anyone got Dark Souls 3? · 10:00pm Dec 30th, 2016

I'm up for some

I play on xbox if anyone is interested.

Report Gypsybard · 169 views · #Dark Souls
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Comments ( 1 )

No, I have the original Dark Souls, y'know the one that this image is based on.

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