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SITREP: Regarding guest writers and a Map for everyone to see · 8:17pm Dec 27th, 2016

Merry late Christmas to all, I'm hoping everyone had a good time in spite of a few untimely deaths of noted people. Getting down to business we'll start of with the rougher news first regarding the guest authors stuff.

Now I haven't updated the credits section in a while, mainly due to a lot of changing around, but I've come to a decision regarding it. Simply put I won't be putting a ton of focus on guest stuff in the near future; I've put a lot of effort into working around but either something gets in the way or nothing gets done at all. It's just unreliable, so I'll be removing some spots and holding up their positions till later; I'm going to focus on writing the story, my story, first and foremost.

Now here's where the remaining guest writers come in. Basically, if their stuff gets into the story, I'll be waiting till all their chapters are finished; I don't want to have one and then nothing. So far only one person's been able to do that, who's work ethic is great and I'll mention later. But I'll hold up for people like Silver and Rainbow who I know are working on stuff. I'll also leave the names of people who already have stuff on there. But, that's what it comes down to. I really wanted to have these outside pieces come in to add depth to the story but it's taking too long, so I'll go about writing with a few others and maybe if the opportunity presents itself down the line, I'll get someone to fill it in.

But now for the good part, I have been busy myself, and I've gotten about 5 or 6 chapters done. I just need to polish and fill them out a bit more, but you can expect another big update to come sometime soon with a lot of new character introductions.

In fact, I've got one now for you all, this little snippet of the best news today that'll serve as a sort of Christmas gift. I finally got a presentable version of the map of Arcaia done for you. Rather, TNB was able to do it, and do it quite well I might add. I'll add it to the story itself in it's own chapter tonight, but here's the early sneak-peek for everyone who reads this.

And here you have a map of the continent of Arcaia, drawn in a lovely fashion by TNB:

Make sure to thank him, Lord knows I'm very thankful

I know it's not super detailed, doesn't have cities or major geographical landmarks like rivers or mountains. That's not his fault, but more mine, I wanted to get this basic map done and out of the way. Maybe later down the line more detailed ones showing these can be made, but I want to get this out so everyone won't be totally lost. I hope you all enjoy it! Let me know what you think, and thanks for reading; again, expect a big update with multiple chapters in the coming days!

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Comments ( 6 )

That's a very nicely made political map.

It lives!!! And is awesome!!! Lol:pinkiegasp:
Can't wait for those chapters bro, I've been looking for a good read. :pinkiehappy:

Where are the awesome updates?

They're coming. Beyond being busy I've got a weird anxiety about actually posting, but in spite of that I'm still writing. I don't have any set publication time, so I'm just constantly writing. I'm going to publish I just don't know when. Till then I'll keep working on them. So far I've got like 6 unpublished chapters and I'm working on the seventh.

Thanks for the interest though, it's nice to see someone's still keeping up.

It's one of my top ten favorite stories. :twilightsmile:
And since I have over 350 favorite stories that says something bro. :pinkiehappy:
I don't mean to sound pushy or anything dude don't mean to rush you, I just excitingly waiting for more chapters to see what's gonna happen next. :twilightsheepish: there's not many good stories of this type of story out there, so I'm always afraid of this story getting cancelled or something.
In all honesty dude, this story deserves so much more popularity and readers of this site. :scootangel:

Thanks man, it's good to hear. I've got no plans on cancelling or anything. I kinda wish it'd get more attention too but only kinda; all the junk that comes with popularity dumbs it down. I'm just glad people enjoy it.

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