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To feel or to kill? · 5:17am Dec 24th, 2016

Chalk this one up to curiosity, paranoia, and jet lag :rainbowlaugh: Just got back to the UK for Christmas and my body still isn't used to the time change so need something to do until my internal clock tells me it's ready to go back to sleep.

So chapter 49 seemed to produce a relatively 50/50 reaction I noticed, with half of the commenters stating I did a good job bringing on the feels, and the other half preferring I shelve the feels and go back to the true Dark Souls spirit of slaughtering everything in sight.

Frankly if I had to be honest, I feel a bit uncertain in both cases since writing action scenes brings on the same concerns for me as doing the heartfelt stuff. For the former, I worry I'm stepping too far away from the MLP side by giving no one a chance to actually step back and remember there's more to be done than endless massacre, not to mention I don't want this series to degenerate into a glorified play through of the games. It also isn't helped by having so many characters to deal with (possibly another mis-step on my behalf) meaning I need to find a role for everyone.

On the other hand, I also have read many a heart string tugger on this site from other authors, and time and time again I deem my own literary skills inadequate to do the same even though I really want to. Chapter 49 was as much a test for myself as it was a chance to finally take care of what I felt was a needed but long overdue plot point. Going on from there I can take events in one of two ways, and the fact I got such an even split from the reactions has left me a bit stuck on which is better. :twilightoops:

If anyone has any further thoughts to lend please feel free to share. Otherwise again, this is coming from a rather exhausted mind coming off a 19 hour flight (stupid connections) and who is currently also writing up the intro to chapter 51 just to give himself something to unwind.

Don't be surprised if this blog disappears once I'm better rested and have the next chapter ready to post.

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I was originally drawn to Friendship Is Scaleless by the interplay between Seath and Twilight. I liked that the story pushed the MKP trope of "redeeming a villain through friendship" to what seemed to be absurd level. But you made it work! Seath was still Seath, even if he was being affected by the forgiveness of these strange equines. And Twilight was still Twilight, even in the face of horrors she never had to face before. You have done a good job of walking a tightrope, and (mostly) not falling.

Personally, I am least interested in the the story when it feels like a play through of the game or nothing but endless battles. One thumbs up for the 'feels'!

I will agree that you probably have too many heroes. I prefer it when more of the story is focused on Seath and Twilight. :twilightsheepish:

Good luck no matter which way you decide to go. And get some sleep!

I will agree that you probably have too many heroes. I prefer it when more of the story is focused on Seath and Twilight.

Well small spoiler: I plan to have a few things happen later on that will get the two of them alone and thus return the main focus to them it's just, as always, I gotta wrap up current events first before I can get on that.

To be honest, I like both. Having a balance is good. Heartfelt scenes really bring things together and were an initial factor of this fic, whilst the action scenes are exciting to read and are very entertaining.

Honestly count me as a vote for exactly as you have it already. I like the mix you've got going and it is precisely why I'm reading it. I personally believe you are doing a very good job of having both elements without letting them overwhelm one another. I haven't even played Dark Souls but your story is making the setting interesting enough that I might get around to trying it out.... if only the controls weren't so wonky.

Mix the two. Have feels in between fights. All feels isn't very Dark Souls.

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