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    Epilogue - Author's Notes

    tl;dr: The color of a Unicorn’s magic is as unique as one of our finger prints. To see a room colored just so would be reassuring to a Unicorn in trouble.


    The Friendship Express: sometimes I forget just how young the target age is for this show.

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    The Southern Orchard - Author's Notes

    tl;dr: Don’t buck apple trees if you’re tired. You’re liable to pull something.


    What would it be like to not cast a shadow? Hold your hand up over your face to block the sun. Can you still see the light source? If so, how do you see through your hand? If not, how is the skin immediately around your eyes illuminated? I mean, magic, sure. But how?


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    Mini Guide: Getting Featured

    Getting a story featured is a combination of reader count, likes vs. dislikes, age, and momentum. This means get lots of readers fast, and get them to like and comment. For subsequent chapters, you want the original readers to watch and favorite the story so they’ll be notified right away when you update.

    How to get lots of readers fast:

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    tl;dr: There’s a reason there’s only one apple farm in all of Ponyville, and it ain’t because they’re lacking in space or demand.


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    Betrayal - Author's Notes



    I’m nervous. I’m really nervous. Not about Chapter 14 — that’s easy. Slam Dunk. Straight Value. I’m scared because I’m not finished Chapter 15 and I’ve only got a month left. It’s gotta be good. It’s gotta carry its weight. It’s gotta follow Chapter 14 — a tough requirement if ever — and I’m not sure that it does, yet.

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Infernal Blast - Author's Notes · 1:29am Dec 6th, 2016

tl;dr: All any of us want is to be loved, to be cared for, and to be seen as a total badass.


How did you guys like the shorter chapter? I would've folded it in with one of the chapters on either end but it just quite fit. Plus, it's been awhile since Twilight has had the spotlight. How about shorter Author's Notes? Not that anyone reads these, of course. I could probably spoil the whole ending and no one would notice. MAYBE I ALREADY HAVE.


An artist's rendering of this chapter.

Infernal Blast is the first spell I wrote for this story. I really like it. And furnaces are metal AF. Like, for real. Nothing has a cooler name than crucible steel. Except for blind judo, maybe.


The waterfall idea was ridiculous. I know it was. There’s no way in hell Twilight would try something this risky, dangerous, or even asinine. I actually rewrote the final chapter of this story due to feedback from the reviewer saying pretty much the same thing: Twilight wasn't reckless enough for the ending (and it was reckless!)

But wasn't it super fun?


Next time, The Librarian or The Midnight Prophecies. Ooh, foreboding!

With assistance from Daetrin. Cover art by Foxinshadow. Alternate cover art by Diremuffin.


Comments ( 3 )

Wait, how many chapters til the last?? :fluttercry:

I really like the Twilight perspective. Sure my Creative Writing Teacher would tell you that you are ruining a surprise, but I absolutely adore the story for it. Just sayin'. :twilightsmile:

-- (endings are both lovely and horrible at the same time, so... I hope the sequel thing wasn't sarcasm...?)


How many chapters til the last??

I'm not answering that :)

ruining a surprise

What surprise am I ruining from Twilight's perspective? That she's going to give them exactly what they asked for? Not much of a surprise--but the how, and what happens after, is still a secret. Don't worry--there will be plenty of surprises.

the sequel thing

What sequel thing? I have a shitty memory.

Thanks for the comment! I love discussion and engagement!


I'm not answering that :)

Grrr. :derpytongue2: Wasn't expecting an answer there anyway... hoping, but... yeh.

What surprise am I ruining from Twilight's perspective?

As for the surprise ruining thing, sorry, not explained well enough. As far as professors teaching about making predictable the unpredictable goes, I had a pretty run of the mill teacher once (ya know, "only one good way to write a story" type), and she complained about a similar story of a friend's. Sh would say you "could" have removed Twilight's perspective altogether, making whoever's behind it a complete mystery. That said, I'm personally very glad you didn't. It makes such a cool story. :rainbowkiss:

The Librarian or The Midnight Prophecies

Sequel? Off-shoot? Transmedia? :raritystarry:

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