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Magnifying Glass and Nitpick Sketch · 1:04pm Nov 7th, 2016

Well, I've finally got the printer set up in my room so I've started scanning stuff. Which is convenient because, until now, I had to go into uni to do that.
I just finished a quick sketch of how I picture the villains of my Derpfic.
Countess Magnifying Glass of Invitro Hall and Lord Magistrate Nitpick, the Sixth Earl of Speck.
Here they are.

I really didn't expect these characters to be so teeth-grindingly, eye-twitchingly hateful.
In a way I consider it an achievement.
And am quite touched that everyone is so protective of poor Derpy.

Comments ( 5 )

Yeah,. they're both just as mud-ugly as I figured that they's be, especially her!

As for HIM; well, he looks like someone that I'd trust about as far than Applejack could buck Twilight's castle!

So you achieved a great great deal on this.

As to the "Insert Image" problem, I just tried it, and didn't have a bit of trouble.
(Not sure why you are.)
Anyway, all I did was click in the l'il picture icon at the top of the comment box, copy/pasted the image URL into the "Image URL" thing below where the picture is supposed to go to be previews to make sure it's a valid link, then I just hit the green "Add Image" button in the lower left hand corner of the l'il box.
Like so:
And voila! there's your picture!

Hope that helped.

Also, I look forward to the next chapter so we can find out what's gonna happen next!

4288981 Thank you very much.
I was able to get it right this time.
Is it me or did she come out looking rather like a pony version of Lady Tremaine?
Wouldn't trust him farther than Applejack could buck Twilight's castle...
Mind if I use that later? That's excellent! :twilightsheepish::raritystarry::ajsmug:
Thanks for all your help so far.
Next will be the custody battle and a sneak peak at just what sort of pony Doctor Bittersweet is.
You won't like him. I'm just going to warn you right now.

4289052 You're very welcome, and I'm glad.
Hmmm, no, I don't think it's just you. She looks like her to me, tool
Of course I don't mind! Use it to your heart's content, Purple! I'd be honored for you to!
And again, you're very welcome! I'm just glad to be of help!
And while I'm looking forward to that confrontation, is it bad that part of me definitely is not?
'Cause there's just something about that last bit that gives me the cold shivers!
(And no, it AIN'T because it's only about 60 degrees here.)
And thanks for the warning, hun. If he's ANYTHING like Countess Glass, I know for an absolute fact that I won't!
And neither will anypony else who reads that chapter!
As to what kind of "doctor" that he is, I'm thinking like Dr. Crane (AKA Scarecrow) from Batman.

4289087 Thanks so much.
And no it isn't bad at all because it's not so much Dr Crane as...well...you'll find out.

4289192 Again, you're very welcome.


Looking forward to it.

Got a LOT of trepidation about it, but still looking forward to it.

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