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Trixie Senpai FOREVER!!! Ship Trixie with anyone and you'll make your fic 500% cooler/awesome! Also remember to give the golden mares some love! Mayor Mare, Cherry Jubilee, and Harshwhinny!

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Derpy, it all comes naturally when you derp. · 4:24am Oct 29th, 2016

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Now that is funny!:rainbowlaugh:

4296911 Derpy is best Wonderbolt... if only she didn't want to go on the ride. :facehoof: Dang it Derpy.... you derp.

You'd think she'd be a good candidate for the ...I can't remember what episode...tornado thingy for replenishing Cloudsdale's water supply. Lots of spinning.

4296920 Thunderbirds Twilight without the strings
SuperMAREionation! SNERK!

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