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So what have I been up to? · 3:58am Aug 2nd, 2020

So, what have I been up to yall?!

Honestly, not writing for ponies that's for sure! Been doing a lot of other stuff like drawing editing for MysteriouStranger on My Chemical Reaction. and my own artwork on my DA.

But I'm back to writing again thanks to me and MS's new ship SonTavia! What is this mysterious ship you ask? Well, as the name implies it's Octavia and Sonata Dusk!
Aren't they adorable? I have another but it's technically suggestive so deal with it! But that also means Aria and Vinyl are getting together because why not? I'm a shipper at heart and nothings gonna stop me! Other artist beware your treading on my Sontavia turf and you awakened the beast! XD But really keep drawing them! We want the ships to live! Remember to read, rate, love and tolerate ya'll!

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Hah, I literally just saw this image on Derpi and I was so confused where this ship suddenly came from.
Of course it was your work. :rainbowlaugh:

So, we can expect a story about the two (or four) of them then. Any teasers you wanna release? :trixieshiftleft:

Well, duh! Of course it's my work. :rainbowlaugh: I'm a shipper after all! MS my friend who got me on the ship has an idea but I go tone too. Someone else is also writing stuff for this ship. ^^ So I'll give you my canon story.

So, it starts after the Battle of the Bands and all is right with the world, but something is amiss. Octavia and Vinyl have a huge argument, one sided cause I'm going with the whole Vinyl doesn't talk and they break up. Long story short Octavia finds Sonata at the taco shop buying lunch but has no money and is harassed by the cashier who remembers her form the B.o.B and Octavia offers to buy her lunch. ^^ That starts into a simple friendship that evolves to much more later.:raritywink:

Excellent, I love a classic set up with a twist. ^^

LOL, I honestly felt it was so unoriginal but at least I can try. ^^

Sure, throw the blame at me! Busy Editing my story :rainbowlaugh:

But then you thank me for returning. You're writting Sontavia? :rainbowderp:

Yes I am. ^^ Again Sontavia is MY TURF. :trollestia:

5330235 And you didn't tell me?! :pinkiegasp:
I know you weren't trying to surprise me because you wrote a blog about it :rainbowlaugh:

Well it DID take you ThiS long to read it so.....:trollestia:

5330239 The blog posts are easy to miss! :twilightoops:

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