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Anthony Needs Car Repair for his Taxi Job · 6:57pm Nov 3rd, 2019

On October 2, 2019, a New York taxi cab driver by the name of Anthony Wu found that someone crashed into his car in the driveway. His Taxi Car. Because of the damages, he is enable to work until its fixed, but he doesn't have the money since he was already struggling with financial problems already. So he created a GoFundMe campaign to help pay to fix the damages. Anthony is a good man, he's even an artist on Deviant that creates great drawings. Junior as Bendy Halloween Costume, Little Talk, and The Fall of the Iron Curtain. And many more Drawings of Anthormorphic ponies.

So in order to help spread the word, I am writing this blog so people can help him by going to his GoFundMe campaign and donating any amount of money to help with the repair costs. If you don't have the funds, then please spread this story to your friends or on your social media so that more people can help Anthony out.

Anthony's GoFundMe Campaign.

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