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More on "Steven Universe" · 10:11pm Oct 20th, 2016

Fast as lightning, sharp as a sword

Just finished Season 2 and am on Season 3.

So Connie's not just a damsel in distress anymore. Now she can fight with the best of them. Nice!

More development for characters I didn't expect. Steven, Amethyst, Dewey, Sour Cream, Sadie, even Onion.

And I thought Onion was kind of a douche. :ajbemused:

That's twice now the show surprised me with characters being suddenly related to each other. Barb and Sadie, Marty and Sour Cream. Next, I suppose Mr. Smiley is Connie's real father? :pinkiegasp:

Loved the whole Pearl and Garnet arc. Finally, a series that focuses on broken trust and does it with the dignity it deserves. And it still wasn't resolved in a concrete fashion. Not all sunshine and rainbows and instant forgiveness like MLP. :facehoof:

Also, Ruby and Sapphire are cute as fuck together. Their baseball flirting was so great. <3 And Sapphire is sooooo cute in her li'l baseball dress! :rainbowkiss:

Fusion mutants. *Shudder* . . .

I was right. I gained a HUGE amount of respect for Peridot after she told off Yellow Diamond. I love characters that mouth off to authority! :pinkiecrazy: She's still a bit annoying, with a hint of a Napoleon complex, but I can let it slide. :pinkiesmile:

And she got to interact with each of the other Crystal Gems in a realistic, yet still entertaining way. And she actually EARNED her redemption.


The Cluster was really interesting. Not a villain, just a misunderstood thing that needed to be helped.

Alexandrite vs. Malachite = epic as all hell.

Watermelon Stevens. Again. :applejackunsure:


But why is she so mean . . . ? :pinkiesad2: I mean, I feel for her. I know what it's like to be an outsider. But at least Peridot is trying. :fluttershysad:

On the plus side, it shows the hard truth that trust is never easy to earn back. Again, not all warm and fuzzy like MLP.

Greg and Pearl got some more depth, too. I always wondered when they'd touch on that (what with Greg having taken Rose away from Pearl, of course).

And all the Rubies' different personalities were funny too. And yes, I have a feeling they'll be back. :rainbowlaugh:

Will update with more. Love this show!

Stay quick, stay sharp, and thanks for reading! :raritywink:

Comments ( 19 )

I am glad to meet another Steven Universe fan. It is a great show. It is one of my current favs besides Over The Garden Wall, Gravity Falls, and Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil. :)

Peridot is second favorite. "The Great and Lovable Peridot!"

While I feel Starlight is fine as she is, it's nice that Steven Universe is seeing a growth in its characters. My friends call me a Pearl-ophile cause I think Pearl is best gem, Lapis Lazuli is a close second.

Peridot is cutest clutz of the show!

Are you getting any fannon thoughts yet?

4264260 I'm currently resisting the urge to create my own Gem OC. :rainbowlaugh:

I love SU! Glad you like it too!

who's your favorite gem? mine is Peridot, my second favorite is Amethyst.

4264272 if you do, dont name her Obsidion. She is mine:trixieshiftleft:

4264457 Yeah, I figured. One of the reasons I resist the urge. All the good Gem names are taken!! :raritydespair:

4264399 Out of the main trio, my far-and-away favorite is Garnet. But I can't help but give my heart to Lapis Lazuli. :heart::heart::heart:

It's actually nice to have a SU fan on here, also if your looking for gem names, might I recommend the A through Z of Quartz types, I just learned there's such a thing as sigil quartz which developes marks and symbols natural.


the A through Z of Quartz types

What is that, a book? A website? Sounds informative.

4264614 its a website called Quartz Crystals - Their Identifcation and meanings.

It is a great show, and to be honest it has some great points to make. But comparing it to MLP is something I can't make a connection to. They both have their own ways of doing things, and can't quite be put side by side in a comparison slot like that. Unless of course it were put into a more in depth analyses, that allowed for a common ground as well as pros and cons of both.

But that would take hours to do, and the review could take several paragraphs. Or a rough 15 to 20 min. video on youtube, pick for anyone to take up on.

4264634 I'll check it out. Thanks! :twilightsmile:

4264754 I suppose it should take more effort to make a proper comparison. But if I can put it simply enough and do it enough justice:

"My Little Pony" is better at fantasizing idealism.

"Steven Universe" is better at fantasizing realism.

If that makes any sense. :derpyderp1:

4264778 In a simple context it does, and it works fine like that. But one thing I notice, and I'm sure you have as well, while MLP has shown relationships in the past. Marriage included, the show only seems to have platonic, one sided, strait. While Steven Universe has the hits of LGBT through out the whole thing, even the fusion Malachite was shown as a bad relationship that only grew worse for one side once separated.

While causing the other to question herself in more ways than one. We haven't seen a complex relationship like there in MLP as of yet.

4264541 yeah, shes neen through a lot all her time with jasper really messed her up.

4264791 There's another difference, I suppose. MLP focuses on the outside effects of relationships, while SU focuses on the internal struggles thereof.

And yes, you'd have to be blind, deaf and heartless not to see the sweet relationships between these characters. I mean, Ruby and Sapphire are so damn cute together! :heart: Pearl clearly loved Rose, and I was actually shocked with what they did with Lapis and her "bond" with Jasper. That kind of conflict screams "abusive relationship", and I was fascinated and impressed by it. This show has such sophisticated writing, sometimes it boggles the mind! :applejackconfused:

4264865 One of the reasons I like her. She's gone through more than almost anyone, even the other Crystal Gems, and while it does have its effects on her, she goes on. I respect that. It's a similar feeling to why I've always admired Fluttershy--as much as she has to deal with, she still gets up every morning and faces the day.

I guess I have a thing for psychologically tormented girls. :twilightblush:

4264937 And that is a very good point to make. Though from what I've seen in MLP, if we take into account the IDW comics as well, they do show a hint of some greater levels that the show can't go into. Cheerilee does have romantic feelings for Big Mac, though they seem one sided as his mind is always on his work. Celestia did fall in love at one point to fill the hole in her heart from losing Luna, and it was with an Sombra from an alternate world. Who was a great guy, did what he could for those around him, tried to make lives easier.

But in the end he had to make the ultimate sacrifice, he took in all the evil of his world just to save both versions of Celestia. Knowing he could never see either version of her again, and be forever conflicted with the stallion he knows himself to be and the evil he now has within himself.

Which I understand why they can't do something that complex in the show, the age group the show is marketed to wouldn't quite get it. And would require some context to understand what's going on. Where as the age group that SU is marketed towards is at that age of learning and understanding.

They are basically getting a spoon fed version of what real life relationships can, and more than likely will, be like for just about everyone. Sure somethings are hidden, somethings are sugar coated, but the main point is still there. Even in the IDW comics for MLP, though not as complex.

... Well... at least from what I've seen, I've fallen behind on reading them.

"What do you know about the Earth?"

"Apparently more than you, you, CLAUDE"

May Yellow Diamond's face at that moment be forever immortalized as a meme.

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