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    Under the category of 'Too Perfect Not To Share'...

    For all you Dazzlings fans:

    Stare at this...

    While listening to this...

    ... Right? Right?!

    EDIT: artist is raika0306.

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  • 267 weeks
    Whoops; almost forgot mah hat...

    Nope; still don't fit right...

    Just got back from a week-long cruise in the western Caribbean. Sounds great right? :ajsmug:

    Too bad I'm built for cold weather and spent most of it drenched in sweat, :raritydespair:

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    Star Trek Nerd Porn

    Hell of a blog title, right?

    Dat aft.

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    New... uh, what is this thing? Story? Collection? Thing. New Thing!

    So long story short I got tired of having lots of ideas that weren't really enough to be stories on their own. I've seen lots of folks post up 'scrap book' style collections of whatever dribbles out of their minds and onto the page, so I figured 'why not?'


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    That Followup Blog That I Said I Would Do But Never Did... Until Now

    Okay, so back when More than Meets the Ear wrapped up I said I would shortly be posting a followup blog, right?

    ... Yeah, we all know that didn't happen. Real life got in the way, yadda yadda; I'll spare you all the details. Nobody cares about my personal life (sometimes not even me, :twilightoops:).


    That was a hell of a thing, wasn't it?

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A Wild Oneshot Appears! (**Spoilers for EQG4**) · 1:53pm Oct 1st, 2016

(Drama) (Equestria Girls) (Slice of Life)

In the aftermath of Canterlot High's visit, Gloriosa Daisy wonders if she is truly the best person to continue running Camp Everfree.

Her brother Timber Spruce has something to say about that.

So.... this happened. I saw the early Brazilian release last week, and true to form I immediately started thinking 'aftermath'. Gloriosa was right up there with the Dazzlings for me in terms of likable villains (for very different reasons, mind you) so I wanted to give her some closure on the whole 'turning into a monster' thing.

The story was almost Twilight talking to Gloriosa about her experience, but 1) I feel like that would've come across as kind of bland since we just saw Sunset giving that same talk to Sci-Twi in the film, and 2) I really wanted this story to focus more around Gloriosa and the fate of Camp Everfree, and while opinions on Timber Spruce might be up in the air, I found him to be entertaining and a well-crafted foil for Gloriosa.

Anyway, hope y'all enjoy this little story. For those of you waiting for me to get back to work on other projects, don't worry, I'll be resuming my regularly scheduled stupidity shortly.

:ajsmug: Don't ya mean 'irregularly scheduled stupidity?'

:rainbowlaugh: Ha! What's the point of a schedule if he's stupid all the time anyway?

... You two suck, -.-

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