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  • 180 weeks
    Retiring. I owe you all an explanation.

    Let me tell you a story.

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  • 184 weeks
    Merry Christmas! (Or Channukah)

    Heyy y'all! Happy holidays! Hope you're having a pretty swell day! ^_^ I just woke up this morning, and like always, I let my inner child show today. I raced my little brother down the stairs to open our presents, and I really was very satisfied with the turnout. XDD (I GOT SO MUCH STUFF RELATED TO FLAMINGOS IM CRYING)! XDD

    Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day!

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  • 185 weeks
    HAT Chapter 37 ART

    The art has been added into the chapter, if you'd like to take a look. ^.^


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  • 186 weeks
    HAT Chapter 36 Delay

    So sorry, but the chapter will be uploaded tomorrow.

    I was extremely busy today with my novel, so I wasn't able to work on the chapter. >.< (I'll make a new blog post about that when I feel like it's ready to be publicized).

    Thanks for being patient with me!

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  • 188 weeks
    Chapter 34: Long Time No See SNEAK PEAK


    Chapter 34: Long Time No See

    Scootaloo was currently trying to persuade Soarin into letting Speedy stay with them for a while, and it was not working in the slightest.

    "Didn't you hear me the first time? I said no. And that's final."

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Flurrax Group · 9:02pm Sep 17th, 2016

Heyhey I made a new group that you might be interested in~ if you're a fan of my latest work, I'll Wait For You, you should definitely check it out!

A group dedicate entirely to Flurrax!

Report flaminkomage · 251 views · Story: I'll Wait For You · #group #fimfiction
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