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MEGATRON?! · 8:30am Aug 11th, 2016

So today I found out this while writing right in the morning :rainbowderp:

So it looks like this is the real look of Megatron in the future new Bay's movie, Transformers 5: The Last Knight :rainbowderp:

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Comments ( 16 )


Wow, but he's Galvatron now. Also I heard hot rod will be in that movie. But he looks different

thought that was just a battle mask :pinkiegasp:

4143587 Bay Rod will be the to kill Optimus by being the one to shot him.

4143588 I know but normal mode makes him look like the Devil which makes sense :rainbowderp:

4143587 I know. I too don't get why they turned from Megatron to Galvatron again :applejackunsure: At least they put his classic Fusion Cannon over his arm like the classsic one :pinkiesmile:

Looks like a buffed up Ultron.

Holy throne! Megatron/Galvatron looks totally boss!

I think megatron took one to many steroids

4143589 I hope rodimus prime doesn't appear

I personally think that fits with his origins. Keep in mind this was a cybertronian BORN in the pits of Gladitorial Kaon so it makes sense that he looks like a warrior and/or a knight. It fits.

I like this Megatron already. :)

I still can't believe there makeing another one :(

4145508 because that last one suck.

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