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A Lot To Explain · 6:01pm Jul 16th, 2018

Hello guys!
I am here to give you a lot of explanations about why I am taking so much with the story. Well first thing first was school, which was the thing above else. Knowing that the second time of the year my projects would count for the grade, I worked hard on them as I could to not fail. I had some down times because of this and the preassure I had, making me feel I was not good enough (of course fixed with some good advices and help). The other thing is Patreon. Yes, I started now a Patreon page to during this Summer I am able to get money on my own, except that I got zero requests to do my commissions. I am sharing everywhere and hoping this trouble doesn't last long (and that people don't start asking for a lot of comissions during the next year's school, cause that would be a big trouble). The story is still going, do not worry. I will try my best to do as I can finish the new chapter. I'm so sorry if I am falling you all, I understand if you all are pissed at me and are now bored of how my work is. All I ask is sorry for the way I been working. I thank you all for not giving up on my story, it means way too much than I could have imagined.
A big hug to you all from,

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