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    The Hiatus is over

    Aye, I deeply apologize for leaving you guys high and dry on my FoE story, I've been through a LOT and I really depend on my passion to write, I've been through a LOT of medical nonsense and more. A lot of things have been stealing my attention, but I am in a pretty damned good place and I utterly refuse to let this story die. It's a good one and I'm really happy with it. I just need to put in

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    Nightmare night

    I couldn't decide whether to go as an asshole or a wizard... but then I figured...

    Why not both?

    Only one unbearable asshole was harmed in the making of this joke.

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    new art

    Got some new art of drunk catbird I wanted to share with you guys.

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    I just moved, I am the legal owner of a house and things are looking crazy good.

    But as it stands, I'm way behind on my stories. But not my inspiration, I usually stick to the high fantasy of MLP but I am mildly tempted to make a short and slower progressing story, something science fiction fantasy.

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    new art

    good friend Crimmharmony made this for me for chapter seven of Militis Corde.

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Coming off hiatus (Luna's chosen few, Days of the Knight) · 2:08pm Aug 9th, 2016

and here is a preview for Days of the knight chapter six

"Are you certain about this Luna?.... once hes awake you know very well what he will do..."

"Of course I know what he will do, he will fulfill his oath..." Luna focused as they made their way through the dark catacombs. She was wrapped in an old looking cloak. Celestia walked beside her carrying her polearm across her back. Nopony had set hoof in this particular section of the sealed off catacombs in around seven hundred years. Luna only just vaguely knew where she was going because she was holding the map. "Are you certain you stuffed him down here?"

"Absolutely certain.... he is not a pony you easily forget... But I do not think this is a wise move at all sister...."

"Its likely the ONLY thing he will respond to... you saw what he did to Spitfire and Soarin....It took me five hours just to stop them from screaming, their minds were filled with a renewing cycle of nightmares that I cannot even begin to explain.... nopony can just do that to somepony and be all there upstairs.... Worse off he had them left in plain view of the public eye."

"But are you CERTAIN its him?" Celestia stared at her sister with sharp eyes and worry.

"Absolutely positive.... I saw the nightmares, I could smell him...in the dream realm... if it is not him, then its somepony who legitimately believes he IS him.... and I cannot tell the difference....To the point, it doesn't matter if he is or is not truly Abyssal Dart... He is an enemy, a dangerous enemy at that...."

Celestia grimaced, Luna was a decent actor when she wanted to be, but she knew her sister well enough to see that the princess of the moon was suffering horribly. Dart might as well been her own son or possibly even more. She lost him a thousand years ago, she had mourned and mourned again. She lost all her children one by one, Dart was the last straw though. It ate away in Celestia's heart knowing that it was likely one of the last straws that made her darkness emerge.

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