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BronyCon Blog post · 2:21pm Jul 11th, 2016

Ahh, hey guys this is the con post! Here I will tell you all bout the con, who I met and what I did, plus the stuff I bought. It was a blast except for the fact that the hotel didn't work. I attended two panels which I will mention below and met a ton of fellow writers.

I'm also extremely tempted to play becoming popular in the background. Always have cool music playing in the background even if your movie doesn't have hobbits. It also helps with writing but that's beside the point.

First off is the stuff I got:

-A kirin Fluttershy print
-A large Luna sticker of earthsong's art for Pishi (my laptop)
-A small woodcut of Luna
-A print of a rather large-muzzled Sombra (I don't recall the artist)
-Two pins (by different artists) one of Luna and one of Rarity
-A blue cosplay wig which I look fabulous in
-Titanium Dragon's soul
-An adorable Mane Event (one of the con mascots, she's the pink unicorn) plushie
-Two comics Fiendship is Magic Tirek and the Sirens

Now here's a list of all the writers/FimFiction folks I met (that I properly remember):

-Cerulean Voice
-GaP Jaxie
-There's a signature I can't read
-Titanum Dragon
-Themaskedferret (briefly)
-Admiral Biscuit (briefly)
-Horizon who is totally a changeling
-There's another signature I cannot decipher
-Majin Syeekoh
-The Elusive Badgerpony
-Capn. Chyssalid
-Wanderer D
-Skeeter the Lurker

Day 1:

Hung out at Quills & Sofas mostly, since it was a bit confusing, where I met a ton of people on siad list. Lots of cool cosplayers whom I got pictures of and such. I didn't attend any panels on this day but I checked out the market and walked around quite a bit.
There was a ton of stuff to see, I did catch a glimpse of the animator, Viva Reverie, in the Mane Hall but he disappeared before I could make him sign my insuspicious black note book.

If you don't know him, he's the guy that makes these:

Day 2:

I'm not at Quills & Sofas as much since I hung out with CV and Corejo, whom I saw at the Rock Poetry event. I was writing a poem but they showed up and chatting ensued so I didn't finish mine but I'll post whatever I scribbled out below. We went to the market and talked writing and comics and such where I ended up getting a Fluffle Puff Plushie shoved in my face.

Before the market, we attended the EqD panel which was really cool and gave me some better insight to how the site works and why my stories haven't been accepted so far. I was also able to confirm that Seth does in fact have a Trxie shrine.

As any of you who have been on the site know, Seth loves Trixie, socks, batponies, and wing claws. I half-jokingly suggested I draw Trixie as a wing-claw batpony with socks to get on EqD. I'm totally going to do that now once I get ahold of my art kit. Look for that whenever on my greenartsite thing: http://ice-star-pony.deviantart.com/

Here's the unfinished rock poem I scrawled, I'll type it as I have it in my note book which is probably going to mess with whatever meter it might have had. I'm not the best with poetry and 30 min. poetry isn't going to come out the greatest:

In a quiet forest,
there is a rock
Birds fly from each
tree singing
the stone sits silent,
it does not talk
Winter, spring, and summer
all mark these woods
time passes endlessly
but there is no need for a clock
Along comes a gray
When she brushes away
her mane she stumbles
and hurts her hock

Day 3:

This was the shortest of them all, I hung out in Quills & Sofas some more and sat down to talk with MidnightDancer and FaughtDragon01. Dancer and Capn. Chyssalid invited me to the OC panel and I attended with Dancer and Dragon.

Unlike the EqD panel I did not wear my blue wig, but I wore the same hoodie in case anyone noticed that.

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Ew, you talked to Syeekoh? Make sure you wash yourself properly.

4084179 I had to share a bed with him. Woe.

Anyway, ice it was really nice to meet you! We need more positive fans like you.


Does he snore? Talk in his sleep? Make other weird noises? I require details.

4084188 Thank you! That's me, the positive cynic. That works. Somehow. It was nice to meet you too.

4084190 Should I get popcorn for this?

Majin Syeekoh

4084179 i'll have you know I'm a rather pleasant individual on occasion.

And IceStar, it was a pleasure meeting you this year! I'll probably make a blog post either when I get home or tomorrow.

4084276 Thanks! I just red your story about Sunset Shimmer's inner demons, it was great!

Majin Syeekoh

4084288 I'm glad you enjoyed it.:twilightsmile:

Sounds awesome! :pinkiehappy:
Also, cool poetry!

4084190 He snores and makes oddly cute grunting noises.

And he cuddles.

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