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Ladies and gentlemen, tonight I stand before you feeling like a bloody god · 11:07pm Jun 5th, 2016

I have FINALLY beaten Mega Man 9.

After nearly seven months of dying to those accursed spike traps, falling into bottomless pits from ridiculous knockback, starving for ammo after beating the final stage's boss rush, and after losing to Dr Wily for various reasons, I have at long last defeated Mega Man 9 no more than five minutes ago.

Needless to say, I'm absolutely positively undeniably without a shred of doubt incredibly arousingly sexually frick-frack-diddilly-dack-snack-attack-crack-jack-break-your-mother's-back happy.

Also admittedly just maybe probably a tiny bit of *ahem* wee might have came out from the excitement.

But yes! I have beaten that which had continuously beaten me since the first day I bought it! Mega Man 10 has already been beaten, so that means I've beaten all the Mega Man games available in the Xbox Live Arcade!

Oh god I feel so damn triggered! Yes! I'm off to beat myself off like I owe myself money!


Or maybe I'll just go on Skype for a little while and do a quick sketch for the next One Punch Pony animation before going to bed instead.

Oh yeah, I'm doing a new One Punch Pony animation, guys and gals. After that I'll be attempting my own hand at drawing a comic strip for DeviantArt, and then I might begin taking requests for MLP anime parodies you might like to see on my channel.

Ok, I'm going to just...just...bask in the glory of this moment. I need about five minutes, folks. Be safe and healthy everypony. (by the way, I told you all Fluttershy had a brother, but you never believed ol' UniqueSKD. Well I showed you non-believers didn't I? BWA HA HA HA!)

I love you all. I love my family. And I love this homemade scythe. Come here, scythe. I just want to hug something and enjoy this victory...

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Comments ( 3 )

Eh I beat it in a day 100% completed it not a surprise

4000974 Oh look over here everyone, we have a badass here. Better watch out before s/he murders us with the Mega Buster!

Okay sorry. I shouldn't have been rude there. I just...really feel like I've had an orgasm after the frustration I've had with the game.

4001025 hey I couldn't beat megaman 8

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