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Agent Fluffy

Hey everyone! Agent Fluffy here! I am a fanfic reader, a soon to be professional voice actress, and a Pegasister.

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  • 18 weeks

    Hey there! I just finished watching the Spring Breakdown Equestria Girls special and I really enjoyed it! There were some parts of it that made me laugh.

    Also, on a side note, I'm preparing for Month of Macabre this year! I'm so excited to get it started this October! I hope you guys enjoy it!

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  • 227 weeks
    Ten Little Ponies Finale Reading

    Hi everyone! Agent Fluffy here! I have finished the Ten Little Ponies reading and I ended it with a bang! Let's just say there is a different voice narrating it! :raritystarry: The team did an amazing job bringing it to life! :D

    Youtube Reading Ten Little Ponies

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  • 350 weeks
    My Comic Dubs

    Hi! Wow, My first blog post. I have comic dubs that I made.

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My Comic Dubs · 2:22am May 17th, 2016

Hi! Wow, My first blog post. I have comic dubs that I made.

Let me know what you think of them. :)

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These are awesome :pinkiehappy:

3949833 Thanks. Which one do you like? What do you like about them?

3949833 I know, I need to catch up on them.

3949840 The first one was really funny... But so was all of them. ^^ I think you do Pinkie and Dash's voices really well, along with Rarity and AJ ^^

hey I love your dubs you got a new sub!:pinkiecrazy: also do more fanfic reads! I would love to hear some from you :pinkiehappy:( You can read one of mine as a series if you'd like:twilightsheepish:)

4089366 I'm actually working on one at the moment. It's On a cross and arrow. Making a casting call and making it into a production.

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