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Agent Fluffy

Hey there everyone! Agent Fluffy here! I am a voice actress, an autistic woman, a hardcore brony and wanting to read stories for the masses! :pinkiehappy: Happily taken by thecrimsonpit!

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    Vacation Announcement!

    Here's the reason why I will be away on break!

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  • 61 weeks
    Update on how I'm doing!

    Hey there everyone! Agent Fluffy here! I am working very hard on getting my projects finished but at the moment, stress is starting to get to me.

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  • 86 weeks

    Hey there! I just finished watching the Spring Breakdown Equestria Girls special and I really enjoyed it! There were some parts of it that made me laugh.

    Also, on a side note, I'm preparing for Month of Macabre this year! I'm so excited to get it started this October! I hope you guys enjoy it!

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  • 295 weeks
    Ten Little Ponies Finale Reading

    Hi everyone! Agent Fluffy here! I have finished the Ten Little Ponies reading and I ended it with a bang! Let's just say there is a different voice narrating it! :raritystarry: The team did an amazing job bringing it to life! :D

    Youtube Reading Ten Little Ponies

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    My Comic Dubs

    Hi! Wow, My first blog post. I have comic dubs that I made.

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Vacation Announcement! · 4:38am Mar 26th, 2023

Here's the reason why I will be away on break!

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