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Everfree annoucement (Evening Post) · 3:30am Apr 18th, 2016

So, if any of you are going to Everfree North West this year I have a few announcements.

Alright first of all! Obviously i'm going to Everfree! Yay i'll be there all three days with a few other authors here on fim.
Stahl, Lycan, Dargon and Baffle

Second... I've been keeping a BIG secret (Unless you talk to me on skype) I Foals Errand have a panel at Everfree Saturday at 6:45 pm called

The Art Of The Fluff

I'll be doing this with two other authors on fim who? Wellllllllll....


Yeah, you read that right. Brony Writer and Pen Stroke

I shall attempt to get my fan-girling out of the way before the panel. no promises

Comments ( 9 )

I was in a rather low (for me (which is rather high for a lot of people)) spot around the time of everfree northwest submission deadlines, so I submitted neither panel applications nor concert applications. that plus the fact I was denied a place on staff for bullshit reasons means I'll probably just wander around (legally) high the whole weekend networking with other writers. I'm happy for you though.

*huggles* I hope to see you lots maybe you'll come see my panel? I'm super excited ^^

I had my first con this month in Chicago. Totally worth it.

Congrats! Can't wait to see you again at the con! :)

I hope you have a great time at Everfree.
Makes me wish again I lived closer.

3878003 Stop being so Australian!

Let con shenanigans commence!

3878116 I don't think that is possible.:unsuresweetie:


OH MY GOD I am so happy for you! That's great Foals! I really hope you have a fun time with your panel!

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