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  • 128 weeks
    Words in print

    Recently, I've been asked for permission by Avonder to include Whom The Princesses Would Destroy... in a story anthology he's putting together. I'm not one for hoarding words and I gave it quite, quite gladly.

    You'll find it here.

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  • 162 weeks
    Ghost Gallivants to Glorious Galacon

    Ghost Gallivants to Glorious Galacon


    A Supposedly Fun Thing I’m Totally Doing Again

    (with apologies to David Foster Wallace)

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  • 164 weeks
    Now(TM) with Travel Advice

    I'm safely ensconced in my hotel room in Ludwigsburg. Hope to meet at least some of you. To increase the odds of this happening, I offer the following advice:

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  • 164 weeks

    I will be flying to Galacon 2018 in under twelve hours and I expect I will be safely in Ludwigsburg within 24 hours. I will be hard to contact during this period, though I think I've acquired a method of fool-proof Internet access no matter where I am (aside from six miles straight up, of course).

    Hope to see many of you soon!

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  • 165 weeks
    Happy July 20th!

    ...or July 21st, depending on your timezone.

    49 years ago the first manned Moon landing was accomplished. It is one of my favorite moments in history (To learn about my favorite you may have to wait for December the 9th), and to celebrate I've re-edited Hoofprints to be a little less... ah, draft-y.

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Help! Help! I've been ghostnapped! · 11:08pm Apr 16th, 2016

Help! Seattle's Angels have invaded my innermost sanctum in Ephesus, have captured me, and now propose to interrogate me for unknown reasons!

Send help! Send heavily armed, belligerent help!

You can watch my ordeal here, and you can ask questions (I suggest "What is your current location!" and "Do you have any tactical weaknesses?" or possibly "If you were to attack yourself and destroy yourself utterly, how would you do it? Asking for a friend.") here.

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Send heavily armed, belligerent help!

What, like that? :)

Argh! Have a conflicting Skype commitment with Rarity Chick! Well, that's not really an "argh" except insofar as I can't do two things I want at once. Will it be recorded for rebroadcast via satellite to our viewers in different time zones? :coolphoto:

But how can you git gud if you are already gud.

3875030 It will indeed! Youtube has an archive for such things and you can watch our past broadcasts easily.

Listening to it now. Yeah, gonna go with you sound Swedish, despite knowing that you're totally not from Sweden, Ghost.


For some reason, I want this to remain a perpetual mystery. It's like–let's pick on a couple people here–Ferret and Jedi Master Ed. Despite having met them irl and stuff, I don't want to ever find out their real names. Like, their online handles are way too cool. Same thing with Redactedstan, the real answer is probably far less interesting. Plus, with Redactedstan, there's totally an opportunity for trolltastic worldbuilding.

Ed's name is actually Ed, isn't it? :trixieshiftright:


When I first saw you running about, I was going to point this out. But apparently I'm too nice or something. Now that somebody's mentioned this, I admit this is often how I see your name and I giggle a lot on the inside because my mind is so dirty :pinkiehappy:

seen a picture of Bad Horse in a gimp suit.

I forgot who mentioned this.

Bad Horse credits me for having to take this pic down. Should I feel proud? :derpyderp2:

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