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Hail King Sombra

We are all just stories in the end. Official scribe to his Royal Highness King Sombra of the Crystal Empire. His tales are as varied as they are poignant, sad and bittersweet. Remember them well.

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The Mad Seeress of the North chapter 7 preview, "Illusion’s Reality” and other crap, er stuff · 3:53pm Apr 13th, 2016

First I want to welcome April’s new followers of Hail King Sombra; NWRAlicorn, ScopeEva, PhoenixBlaz3 and _Marshmallow_. Thank you and all my followers so much for your support and encouragement in telling King Sombra’s tales – you mean the world to me!

Just so everyone knows, there’s lots of useful crap, er stuff on my profile page…the “New Sombra crack on…” in the sidebar tells you which stories I am currently working on and what’s coming up next and when (runs off to update before posting this!). Under the “Slave Overseer of:” box is a link to the only group I currently admin, “Sombra's Crystal Slaves” where all the scary devoted followers of King Sombra hang out. There’s a link to my Patreon page under “Kingdom News”, hand-made animations of awesome scenes from my favorite fan created video, “The Fall of the Crystal Empire” featuring you-know-who, a link to said video, our story list, recommended Sombra stories by other authors that are mega good, blah, blah, blah.

Oh and please, please, PLEASE double-check if you’ve upvoted all our stories you like. It's not easy to write a love story (or any story, really) for the King of Shadows - he's needy, clingy and aggressive and has A LOT of emo baggage and is uber-hard work, but in the end he's worth it if we can get inside his shadowy head and allow the MLP community a peek into what his story could have been given the chance.

Now on to the previews –

Night Bomber’s Fate -

Night Bomber trudged dejectedly alongside the rest of the slaves as the crystal army advanced towards the Marazon Temple of the Moon, his shackles digging painfully into his hooves. He shifted his withers for the hundredth time to ease the heavy slave collar, it having already left a deep bruise around his neck.

He looked around. The weather had turned as foul as his mood, the evening's usually clean, white fog a dirty grey, even black...ominous. As Captain Iron Blade trotted past him, he called out, “Blade! Blade, please - “

The Captain slowed, came up to him and backhoofed him viciously across the muzzle. “You lost the privilege to call me that when you disobeyed mine and King Sombra's direct orders!”

“I know...master. I lost my head,” he rasped, his voice weak. His throat felt like he hadn't had water for a month, but it hadn't been that long.
Had it?

“Just give me another chance!” he begged.

Bonus preview:

His visitor settled himself at Sombra's side, gratefully accepting the glass of wine offered him. “I hate those damn rituals,” Blade muttered. “They are too violent for my tastes.” He took a long pull from the metal cup, refilling it from the flask.

Sombra was not for the first time, ever grateful for His friend's tact. By changing the subject, Blade was allowing Him time to bring up the subject when He was ready. “Then why do you let the Lieutenants engage in them?” He asked him point blank.

It was a tease. Sombra knew well why – it was more of a way to engage his Second's thinking on such matters. Iron Blade swirled the strong drink around in His cup before downing it and refilling a second time. “It makes them feel – privileged,” Blade answered anyway. “And I have hopes they will go easier on the mares when we capture them if our stallions blow off steam now.”

“That depends in part if the Marazons are in heat when that happens,” Sombra muttered, emptying his own glass.

“And how beautiful they are, of course,” Blade grinned.


“Eh?” His second-in-command did a double take Sombra missed as He stared into His empty cup.

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Thanks for the preview. Can't wait to see the real deal. :twilightsmile:

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