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Hail King Sombra

We are all just stories in the end. Official scribe to his Royal Highness King Sombra of the Crystal Empire. His tales are as varied as they are poignant, sad and bittersweet. Remember them well.

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The Mad Seeress of the North Chapter 6 preview, "Mirror Lake" · 3:42am Apr 8th, 2016

Work kicked my butt these past two weeks...a combination of working 12-hour days with a terminal cancer patient in her literal last days of life, her squabbling family fighting over every little thing and my own liver kicking up a fuss, making my writing arm hurt just enough to be a constant nuisance. Two days off work wasn't enough time to recover - even with the 12 hours of sleep I got last night.

Fortunately - and unfortunately - I don't have to go back tomorrow because, well, she isn't expected to live through the night. Believe me, if you saw what I saw of her in her last days, you would agree with me it was a good thing.

On a happier note, work, as morbid as it has been lately, didn't stop me from completing my next chapter of Mad Seeress of the North and what an epic chapter it is!

King Sombra finally comes face-to-face with his long sought after prize - Nyx!

This is where things get really timey-wimey, so strap in and keep your vortex manipulators at the ready as I present to you a teaser for tomorrow's premiere of Chapter 7 - "MIrror Lake"...

The dragonfly pond room felt vaguely familiar, as if He had seen it or been there before. A cloud of winged insects danced lazily over the waters, but scattered as soon as He entered, sensing the dark, malevolent presence of a predator as had once invaded their home earlier.

“Ah, it was you I sensed before,” He muttered. “You cost me my prize.”

“Only for a short time, my King,” came a mare's soft voice from the doorway.

He whirled around to see a Marazon standing before Him. She was a black-bodied beauty, with a mane as full and flowing as Princess Luna's, but of soft, glittering fog that sparkled with tiny silver particles within its folds. While He took in her manner of garb – the cape, her diadem, the jewels in her shoes, a version of identical coloring and a similar yet feminine breastplate to His own, it was her deep, black, depthless eyes that captured His attention, and even fascinated Him.

She regarded Him with as much attention as He did her, showing neither fear nor an urge to flee, approaching Him slowly, as if knowing a sudden move to either flee or attack was not in her best interest. They circled each other for a moment. “You are - “ He began to ask.

“The one you seek. I am Nyx.”

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