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Dumb gay retired writer. Used to run Neighvada Nights and BronyCon panels or something.

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Broken Scale + Open call for editors · 9:34am Apr 3rd, 2016

I am still unsure why Broken Scale is so popular. It's by far my least-read story but you guys are ravenous for an update.


I'm working on Broken Scale Chapter 3 right now.

That being said, during my hiatus two of my editors have kinda disappeared. One just started deleting me from all his chat accounts out of nowhere, and the other hasn't logged in to anything in a few months. I'm assuming neither of them are any longer interested in assisting me, and so I'll put this out there:

I thrive on editors. Soft Spot was only as good as it was because other people picked at it and fixed plotholes and awkward phrasing. So, that being said, I'm looking for editors for the remainder of Broken Scale, and whatever else I decide to move onto next. You'd just need to pick through the story and comment via Word what you think should change. I'll also bounce some ideas off of you, you tell me what you like, I accept your input on where the plot heads next. In return, you get unrestricted access to my fics long before they get published, get to shape the direction they head in, and get credited on each story.

I am not looking for an ass kisser. Telling me it's all good doesn't help at all. I want people who will help, not just pat my back.

If you're interested, please PM me. I really do appreciate whoever asks!

I have found two lovely people who I think can help best. Thank you everyone who sent a PM! I truly appreciate how passionate you guys are.

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I’ll give it a shot, if the position is still open. Just P.M. me what you need done.

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