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Not a brony. No really, I'm not. I'm just here to see what awesome stuff this crazy fandom puts out.

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Actual Update · 4:00am Apr 2nd, 2016

Right. Forgot you have to be popular to pull an April fools day joke. Well, for the 15 people who saw it, thank you for noticing. Now have a real update as a prize.

The next chapter of URBC is almost done. Key word being "almost." This chapter has been such a pain to write, between making the dialogue sound less forced, making sure I'm not just rehashing the actual episode, and a bunch of other stuff you probably don't care about, it's been rough. But still, I am working on it, and it should be ready soon.

Fortunately, while I was struggling to make progress on my main fic, I managed to finish the final entry of the not-so-apocalypitic zombie series! I just need to find an editor, so that should be up soon.

I also wrote a short silly one-shot that I hope will prove to be entertaining. Again, I just need to find an editor.

And finally, yes, I actually got around to reading Fallout Equestria. And yes, I thought it was one of the best stories I ever read. And yes, I am indeed considering writing a spin off. A short, 6-ish chapter long spin off. But not until I finish the current URBC chapter, and possibly the next one. If anyone who actually reads this is curious, I might give a synopsis later.

So yeah. hopefully those two shorts will be up soon, and I'll finish the next chapter quickly. Thank you for your patience.

And yes, the closet brony thing was part of the joke. I still don't consider myself a brony.


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