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Posting When All My Followers Away · 5:55am Mar 27th, 2016

So I'm thinking about writing pony again.

What can I say? I got off track over the months and started writing original shit that requires a whole different kind of infrastructure/development planning than fanfic shit.

I dunno if I'll actually post anything but I'm going to try because I'm sick and tired of a certain idea haunting me.

Nowadays, I write cute moeblob smut-and-fucks for the weirdos over on literotica (don't bother looking, I don't use the same username) and I wanna see the contrast for here. Has my writing style changed? What will be the reaction? Will I actually get over this funk of starting fic and never finishing it? All signs say no but I'm one for fighting the odds.

Anyhow, the real reason I'm writing ponyfic now is because I'm troll-writing.


I am troll-writing.

I've had this hate-boner for months.

Ever since November.

It's been one throbbing stiffy I've been dealing with for a while. And I need to be released.

Some people write for pleasure. I write for hate. I am writing for hate. Spite. Disgust. Sick amusement.

I will write until that stomach-stirring hate becomes mere apathy.

And honestly, that's kinda the reason why I started writing clop in the first place. I got disgrunted with something I read and took up arms to write my own version. I don't only bitch to peeps. I build a better version, a grander vision, then I bitch.

Anyways, getting to the point. I am writing a TCB clop fic. It is a troll-fic for me. I'm not sure if it will be a troll-fic for you.

Some sick fucks will like it.

Some sicker fucks will probably get off on it.

And the rest of the assholes will probably ask what was so trolly about it until I post the last chapter.

I look forward to that.

Unless I post the last chapter as the prologue just to piss off people who continue to the actual chapter.

Cause I am thinking of doing that.

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Can't wait.

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