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  • Sunday
    Another quick look into how a Cracker's mind works.

    So with the Bastion trilogy nearing completion and the first story uploaded, I've been looking at some future options in the breaktime after an upload. I never write on the same day I upload something, after all, as it tends to get distracting and possibly contaminate the future project.

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  • Thursday
    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone

    I suppose it'd be in-character to steal culturally appropriate open my horizons by celebrating a holiday so many of my fellow writers and readers celebrate. You know, again.

    What am I thankful for this year? Mostly the same as last year, I guess.

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  • 3 weeks
    So what's the ETA on the Bastion thing?

    First story: finished, may need one or two lines tweaked to tie it all in to the bigger picture.

    Second story: in its seventh or eighth re-write, this time only from chapter 4-ish onward, though.

    Third story: outlined, most of the big scenes are done in the concept stage.

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  • 4 weeks
    Two Halloween surprises for those unaware.

    First off: new Blender short film. If you liked Laika's Paranorman, you'll know some of the character designs. If you'd like to see a horror movie with Smurfs in it... yeah, that's basically what you're getting. Fair warning: rated T. Very much not PG-rated.

    Second surprise: Ghostbusters game.

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  • 14 weeks
    State of the stories, and author

    Okay, quick update. You can do this, Cracker, just stick to the points.

    My Fey Lady

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Zecora? Is that you? · 7:25pm Mar 15th, 2016

So, err, somepony make a fanfic out of this?

Not sure if it's worth doing a follow-up post to this. I don't think I have many Hearthstone players following me here.

Comments ( 2 )

Huh. I didn't expect Blizzard and Wizards of the Coast to go for eldritch horror at the same time. Go figure.

And yet MLP had its tentacles in Season 4 already. We're trendsetters, alright ^^

Which reminds me, do need to announce the hiatus again. After the next round of publishing. Hopefully in time :twilightoops:

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