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We are all just stories in the end. Official scribe to his Royal Highness King Sombra of the Crystal Empire. His tales are as varied as they are poignant, sad and bittersweet. Remember them well.

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Mad Seeress of the North Chapter 5 Preview "Narrow Escapes and Ominous Warnings" · 6:37am Mar 3rd, 2016

This really should have gone out Monday or Tuesday, not the night before, but I got called in to a job at the last minute yesterday evening and have another one tomorrow morning-afternoon. Not that I'm complaining. Sources of income have been rather scarce around here for me in the weeks past and now that's changing (YEAH!)

I love this chapter and it was a joy to write considering we get back to Nyx who is pinned underwater by Sombra's shadow scout in the Temple of the Moon. We also get to see more action from the Crystal Army and especially King Sombra, who takes a direct hoof in shooting down some of the first casualties in the Marazon war. Enjoy the preview!

Clear of the jagged, granite field, the crystal army picked up the pace, heading back towards the forests beyond the plains they were now on.

It was not long after that the Commander started noticing Sombra's distant look, and now there was a sudden laxness in his usual, crisp gait. He slowed enough the Lieutenants behind had to adjust their pace and like a ripple, the advancing army behind them compensated. “Sire?” he asked.

“Close,” Sombra muttered, trance-like. “I am close to her, Blade.” His voice was darker than usual, heavily echoed. “something is preventing me from reaching her.” His eyes flared green and he stopped dead. “Too far to see what...” he shook his head as he poured more of his power into the connection. The Commander was not surprised to see Sombra's body grow more transparent underneath the armor. “a barrier...”

“Incoming!” someone yelled from just behind the Lieutenants line, pointing to the skies. “Bomber, behind you!” they warned.

The wave of reaction and sudden emotion partially pulled the Shadow King out of his trance. He growled in protest, growing solid again. He was so close to the Marazon. He could have her!

Distantly he heard Iron Blade report there were three pegasai Marazon scouts approaching and he recognized the number from the first fear-inducing dream he had taken one of their sleeping army with just hours before. With great reluctance, Sombra recalled his shadow's essence from the lunar temple, drawing it back into himself. Once done, he took a moment to reground, then follow Iron Blade's gaze to the skies above and to the east.

“Iron Blade, I wish to send the Marazons a message,” Sombra instructed. “get the archers to the front line immediately!”

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