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Just saw Planes and Planes 2: Fire & Rescue... · 11:06pm Feb 5th, 2016

And... really? This is supposed to be the devil's own hand-made gift to animation? The franchise that 'ruined' PIxar?

To be brutally honest... I thought Up was a worse movie then this.

Don't get me wrong, the series ain't what I'd call all-time classics, but I had fun with them. Some neat world-building, neat designs, interesting characters, beautiful visuals...

Cleanly above average at any rate. Really don't get the hate.

Granted... I haven't seen Cars or Cars 2. Just haven't gotten around to it, but I have heard the first one was really, really flawed. Maybe it poisoned the well in many peoples eyes?

Anyway, I'd recommend the Planes series if you have a few slow hours. No Wall-E, Incredibles or Finding Nemo, but definitely on the same level as A Bug's Life, Monsters INC or Ratatouille.

REALLY don't get why this series reputation is in the dumpster. Again, had quite a bit of fun myself. :rainbowhuh:

(Oh, and pardon any spelling problems. The computer I am on right now does not have a checker.) Fixed.

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Finally! Someone agrees with me!

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