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Hello Fluttercord Fans and shipper fans alike! My name is MissKoiFishPony, but you can call me Miss Koi or Missy:) I love My Little Pony, I love to write, I love Fluttercord.

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Miss Koi Reviews The First Promo/Sneak Peak for Season 6?! Say What?!:0 · 5:33am Jan 29th, 2016


....Are they gone? They are? Good, let's get down to business then shall we :D That's right folks, it would take something like MLP Season 6 to rise me above my dead activity in the MLP community and my busy real life schedule;) The content in this news break is not completely news breaking, but rather that fact that we got a promo today o-0....Was anyone expecting that? Cause...I wasn't o-0 I thought we would get Season 6 promo material until, oh gosh, May or even September or even December. I mean, how long has it been since the Season 5 finale? It seems like it just happened yesterday, and that is not due to my love of ponies and ME missing them. It seriously wasn't that long ago:0 Not only that, but...we kinda know now when Season 6 will premiero-0
According to Equestria Daily, Season 6 is going to premier in Spring 2016. Here's the article if you don't believe me:
But some of you keen observers who have seen the trailer down below would say "But Missy, the trailer says that it's 'Coming Soon'" Don't worry keen observer, I say this as well. HOWEVER, keep in mind, Spring 2016 is just around the corner. April will be here before we know it o-0 If Season 6 was going to premier in, for example, Fall 2016 or Winter 2016, I feel like Hasbro would have specified that in the trailer because it's such a far away date from now and the promo is premiering today. Think about it;)
Spoiler Trailer

Here's my thoughts and predictions based on the promo/sneak peak:
Well, looks like one of my predictions on my Season 6 Realistic Wish List came true;)
Missy's Prediction List
Well...sort of:P Not quite there yet anyway;) But I bet many of you didn't need my silly little list to know that Prince Shining Armor's and Princess Cadence's baby was going to be in Season 6;) And because the Prince and Princess of the Crystal Empire usually are the main subjects of most Season Premiers and Finales, their baby will probably be one of the main focuses of the Season 6 premier. As I and many bronies have predicted;) So, no brainer right? However, like I pointed out in my prediction list, what kind of story will we get about this new little Princess? Will Sombra come back and kidnap her for revenge? Will the Mane Six have to save her? Will this two parter episode about this foal be just as ground breaking and spectacular as "A Canterlot Wedding"? Let's just say, I'm going to wait for more promos and sneak peaks and episode information leaks in order to answer those questions:)
However, what I and most bronies didn't predict was...the baby Princess's actual name:0 Instead of Princess Skyla, according to Equestria Daily and Hasbro, her name is actually Princess Flurry Heart. Huh...who knew?o-o In all honesty, I like this name better because it can speak more of potential personality for the filly. While the name Skyla, to me, speaks more of perfection and the clicheness of princess-y things. Flurry Heart can tell us that maybe this foal follows more on her gut and heart instinct rather than her conscience. Because of this, she could be more adventurous or more mischevious or more unintentionally as a trouble maker or even sensitive and shy. I can see maybe a part of her being emotionally sensitive about certain aspects of herself, making her more insecure about herself. And because of this, she could react more wildly to situations that her calm mother and father would and her powers could get out of control. BUT...I might be over thinking this whole name thing:/ Nevertheless, I have hope for this child!:0
Another interesting part about this trailer was how Princess Flurry Heart was introduced. Shining Armor was very hesitant in introducing his own child to his dear sister and his friends. Cadence, Princess Celestia, and Princess Luna were silent when the gang came in to meet Flurry Heart. Was the silence unsettling to some of you or was that just me? Anyway, when Auntie Twilight got a closer look at her new niece, Princess Flurry Heart seemed to look like a baby unicorn. But when she opened her big baby eyes, her giant Alicorn wings popped out. I'm not kidding, these wings are huge0-0 Probably the size of Princess Celestia's wings0-0 When Twilight and the others saw this, they gasp.
Now, why did Twilight and the others gasped? Why did Shining have to hesitantly warn them about their daughter being different? Why was Cadence, Luna, and Celestia silent? Why would Princess Flurry Heart being an alicorn be such a shock? Shining and Cadence must have known that there would be a possibility of their child being an alicorn. I'm sure that Celestia and Luna knew this without a doubt too. That's how genetics work. Unless, there's some unknown magical lore yet to be introduced into the show about how naturally made Alicorns come into the world. However, I feel like this is not the case:/
Then, I realized something important...Oh my gosh she's Dumbo! <3 :0

Or at least...this dragon from "Dragon Tales"

Anyone remember this show? No, just me? Dang I'm old-_-
Anyway, what I'm trying to say is...Princess Flurry Heart is a misfit Alicorn. Her wings are not suppose to be that big at birth, or at least, based on the knowledge of Princess Celestia and Luna. Her wings are probably a sign of great power or of an unknown power that's hard to decipher and understand by Celestia's and Luna's standards.
Because of her big wings, I am interested in not only her character potential, but also her potential to impact a story and to start a story. Though, I have a feeling that all the bronies will not give her a chance and hate her just because...she's too big eyed, her wings are too big, she's pink and swirly maned like her mom, etc. :/

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I remember Dragon Tales so you are not alone.

I think for season six premier the new little princess will show off her powers and we get to learn about alicorns.

3720382 Same here, Dragon Tales are a fond memory from my childhood.:twilightsmile:

Maybe they'll try to make the little princess relatable in her difference. I doubt the season won't be exploring the subject of Alicorns though.

I watched Dragon Tales when I was young, but I do not remember that particular dragon.
CartoonNerd12 has her doubts about Flurry Heart, but I on the other hoof like her. She's so adorable!
Thank you for the Dumbo reference! I instantly thought "Dumbo" when I saw Flurry Heart's wings! My sister didn't get it, though. :ajbemused:
Can't wait for Season 6! :pinkiehappy:

Thank Celestia I'm not the only one who instantly thought of Dumbo! Everyone else was freaking out about her being an Alicorn, or questioning why everyone's so shocked by this, but I was sitting there like: "...Does anyone else realize that her wings and horn are too big for a foal?? Just me? Okay..."





Wohoo! I'm not the only one who remembers Dragon Tales!:D The dragon in my review is called Priscilla I believe, and was just in one episode though. Haha lol guess I'm not the only one who thought of Dumbo right away;) I agree, the season six premier will be definitely be exploring the new little princess's powers (based on the over worked state that her parents were in during the trailer) and maybe even some new info on Alicorns:D Maybe not alot of info, but just something since Flurry Heart seems to be some special alicorn outside the alicorn norm. I also agree, (good point by Jade Crossroads), that maybe they're making Flurry's wings so big in order to make her a relatable princess or aka a princess for people who feel different or like a misfit amoung the rest:) And we certainly need a princess like this.
In terms of whether I think Flurry Heart is adorable yet, well...I definitely think she's cute:heart: The reason why is probably because of those sweet baby sounds she made and how excited she was to meet her Auntie Twilight :rainbowkiss: However, I'm waiting on solely on the rest of her behavior once the episode premiers and I can get a better sense of her character. I'm afraid that I'm going to call her adorable now just simply because she reminds me of Dumbo, and my love of Dumbo will transfer to her before I can fully judge her. I'm hesitant because I don't want to build up my expectations for her to be too high if that makes any sense.
Anyway, thanks for all the comments you guys:D

Ya know, thinking about it now maybe her eyes symbolize something akin to being insightful or empathetic?:rainbowhuh:

Hmmmm, maybe:ajsmug: That's a good theory too, and goes with the whole her big wings symbolize her great potential power.

3723783 Whatever they have planned i'm sure it wont disappoint!


Then, I realized something important...Oh my gosh she's Dumbo! <3 :0

OH MY GOD YOUR RIGHT! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss::pinkiecrazy:

At first when I saw the screen shot of her I was hesitant, but then I watched the promo and my heart melted. I'm really excited to what they might do with her in the new season. :rainbowkiss::heart:

And I'll state it right here that I don't mind her design. She's so cute! And those wings. XD Hooray for misfits! ^^

Anyone remember this show? No, just me? Dang I'm old-_-

I remember that show. :raritywink:

I just thought about it, and I know this is an old blog, but maybe another reason for her character design is to show that she will grow up differently from the normal foals. I dont think they'll bring this about in the season, but maybe later on they'll use it to explain why a baby character is suddenly well rounded and is taking her place beside the cmc as a side main focus of the show?

I don't beleive this is why necessarily she has large eyes and wings, but I doubt Hasbro will give up the opportunity for another main character and who better if she becomes well liked?:moustache:


I just thought about it, and I know this is an old blog,

That's okay, all my readers are free to comment on my blogs anytime:) It means so much to me just to have my readers and followers just to comment at all:twilightsmile:

maybe another reason for her character design is to show that she will grow up differently from the normal foals. I dont think they'll bring this about in the season, but maybe later on they'll use it to explain why a baby character is suddenly well rounded and is taking her place beside the cmc as a side main focus of the show?
I don't beleive this is why necessarily she has large eyes and wings, but I doubt Hasbro will give up the opportunity for another main character and who better if she becomes well liked?:moustache:

This is a very good and plausible yet subtle reason why Flurry Heart looks different from other babies as well. Probably won't be plainly stated by the show, but I can see this as artistic choice by the writers to subtly hint at this and maybe foreshadow on Flurry's role in the show as a whole:) bravo on the theory on my friend:)

3773303 Thank you.:twilightsmile: I just can't wait to see what Hasbro has in mind and what time she'll play! Until then all we can do is speculate.:derpytongue2:


Until then all we can do is speculate.:derpytongue2:

True dat my friend, true dat:ajsmug:

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