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Hello Fluttercord Fans and shipper fans alike! My name is MissKoiFishPony, but you can call me Miss Koi or Missy:) I love My Little Pony, I love to write, I love Fluttercord.

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    A Vacation Fit For Royalty

    Hey "The Mare Who Became Queen" fans!:D While you wait for Ep 3 to come out, how about you check out the new sequel/epilogue fanfic I made for Fluttercord Week 2021 "A Vacation Fit for Royalty" ;) <3?

    A Vacation Fit For Royalty

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    Sneak Peek of Upcoming Chapter 5 for "The Wife of Old Draconequus"

    Well, it didn't take you guys long to decode my little message huh?:trixieshiftright: Huh, and after all this time, I thought I was clever:facehoof: Lol:rainbowlaugh: Well in the end, good thing the challenge wasn't too challenging after all. If it was, you guys wouldn't be able to get this sneak peek:) Did you guys have fun or was that little challenge completely silly and pointless?XD Let me

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    Chapter 5, 6, and 7 Status for "The Wife of Old Draconequus"

    Woah, has it really been Sept 14th, 2019 since the last updated chapter for "The Wife of the Old Draconequus":0? Oh Celestia, I'm so sorry for keeping you all waited for so long, but believe me when I say, I have been working on it. In fact, my plan is to finish Chapter 5, 6, and 7 first before releasing these three chapters in a weekly fashion (aka one chapter per week). So far, Chapter 5 and 6

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    The Mare Who Became Queen Ep 3 Needs Artists

    Hi Guys, Miss Koi here^^! Ep 3 is still on its way, so sorry for a lack of update 😦 It’s just taking longer than anticipated to get this all together and whatnot, but it’s slowly on its way:) Ep 3 is however in need of some more artists to temporarily help out, so if you could spread this around to the MLP artists out there, that would be deeply appreciated:)

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Episode 3 of The Mare Who Became Queen is here at last! · 3:43am July 18th

Oh Celestia, after over a year or two in production, I cannot tell you how much I not only appreciate the patience of the fans & for helping this channel to reach 454 subscribers, but also the behind the scenes hard work and dedication of the TMWBQ cast and crew. Despite covid and the pandemic, these people were able to help me produce a truly great episode so please everyone, please give these wonderful people all your praise cause this channel and my work would be nothing without them. So yes the pandemic was the reason behind the delay and I hope everyone understands why this is a very valid reason for delay. Not even audio dramas can't escape the wrath of covid. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there:)

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I found your The Mare Who Became Queen several years ago on ff.net, and when I learned that you were doing am audio drama for this story I was so excited. Please keep doing what you're doing, because it's fantastic!!!!!!

Yay it's here. I just wanna thank you and your wonderful team to bringing one of my favorites stories to life. Thank you so very very much. Hope we could soon see more of this wonderful world you created. 😍😍😍

Thank you so much!

Oh-kay, finally got a chance to watch this episode. Let’s see, where do we start?

Man, it feels like such a long time since I saw the script for this episode, I’d forgotten most of the details. So it was neat to get my memory jogged via the episode itself.

I enjoyed the episode and judging by the likes and comments, I’d say it’s been getting good reception so many congratulations to you and team on your hard work.

Looking forward to the rest of the series.

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