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Nyx - the Witch who dared love King Sombra · 8:57pm Jan 27th, 2016

concept design by Soarindash10
Here is a first peek at my artist's sketch for my OC star of The Mad Prophetess of the North series. Say hello to the mysterious, unstable Marazon TimeWitch, Nyx.

Since starting this series, little has been really said about her. She has been alluded to in every chapter (three so far) and we only see her in one scene, but because of the action going on at the time, I haven't even said what her cutie mark is yet!

My week - and life - are INSANE right now. I am struggling to get three website clients squared away before I go out of town to a meditation retreat (which I am also packing for), work full-time and finish up my story offering on FimFic for publishing tomorrow. As much as her story is pulling at me to do, real life is giving me a run for my money in the attention department. Well, fuck you, real life. I still managed to get the OC commission started and write the first chapter of a NEW STORY I am pushing harder than hell to finalize for a premiere date of tomorrow.

So, who is Nyx? Personality-wise, look for her to be a cross between River Song and Idris from Doctor Who. If you don't know who they are, telling you here won't help you. Just know that she is like the Gallifreyan Pythian Priestesses of ancient times who saw the future, with a bit of insanity from both powerful female characters mentioned above. Being so bombarded by future-sight to the point where you actually get pulled out of your time stream into your own future possibilities is enough to make anyone go mad, yet it is this ability that intrigues the King of the Crystal Empire enough he is willing to lead the final assault himself against the Marazons to claim her powers. This madness will settle down and the struggle between Sombra understanding her and her keeping her powers out of his reach without dying, will be the major lynch pin upon which these first few chapters of the story will play out - with unfortunate casualties on both sides of the war filling in the tale inbetween.

In my new-found friendship with the wonderful FimFic Sombra writer Pixel_Spark, she was sneakily doodling a sketch of Nyx while we were Skyping last Saturday. This is her take on the character:

concept design by pixel_spark
Isn't she gorgeous? Give her black eyes, the unicorn horn and the laundry list of attributes I gave Soarindash10 and she'll be breathtaking!

Speaking of that laundry list, here's what you can expect Nyx's final look to materialize like:
Type - unicorn, horn - silver.
Eyes - completely black eyes - no visible iris or pupil.
Cutie Mark - the symbol of the Oriborus - a snake eating its own tail, symbolizing eternity with a dragonfly either crossing across it or in the center of the inner circle of its body.
Body - Black. Her race is Freisian - the same as King Sombra.
Mane and Tail - like Princess Luna's, but the same grey as King Sombra's body. Sparkles would be visible within the mane. It will be fog-like, smoky.
Dress - silver shoes similar to Princess Luna's, with a crescent moon cut out design. She also wears a simple headband of silver with a triple moon design.

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