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Updated Artwork: "Sad Turing Test in a Puddle" · 12:57am Jan 6th, 2016

Back in the chapter "Electric Ladyland, Part 2," Turing Test gets rained on by a cloud enchanted by Discord. It ruins her brand new coat of paint and she experiences sadness for the first time. :fluttershysad: Well, Mr. Green has caught up on some of the artwork and we now have an illustrated version of that scene that has been added to the chapter!

However, Green also did another version of it, initially because my description for him did not specify the circumstances, so he thought Turing Test was in a rainstorm. Even though I couldn't use this as an official illustration, I really like it anyway. So, here you go - a bonus piece of unused artwork!

New chapter should be within a week! See you then!

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*Tackle glomps Turing, only to be knocked out from slamming into metal* Dang my instantaneous reflexes for seeing sad ponies and wanting to comfort them!

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