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Summer Dancer

On Wednesdays, we wear PINK!

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  • 63 weeks
    So, Uh, How Bout That Endgame, Huh?

    Ha ha..


    Weeps in a non-spoilery way

    But legit good movie, I'm wounded in the best possible way! :pinkiehappy:

    Careful with spoilers out there...

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  • 80 weeks
    Happy New Year 2019!



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  • 81 weeks
    Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas and Warm Wishes to you and yours! Didja get what you wanted this year? Have a wonderful day, everybody, and let's get ready for the New Year!

    2019 is fast approaching...can you believe it? :rainbowderp:

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  • 84 weeks

    BUT I'M FEELING 22! C'ause it's my Birthday today! :yay:

    I've been waiting sooooo long to play that song on this day

    Whoo! :pinkiehappy:

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  • 87 weeks
    Goodbye, Stan Lee

    You've been an inspiration to us all. A beautiful man who has lead a long, beautiful life. God Bless you, and thank you for sharing your creations with the world.

    And, Happy Veterans Day everyone :heart:

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Just For Kicks...Bandwagon Question! · 10:46pm Jan 2nd, 2016

(Edit, don't repost, just learned it's not allowed :twilightsheepish:)

Report Summer Dancer · 305 views · #Ship?
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Comments ( 30 )

I ship you and Happy Mask Salesman.

Hmm... I don't know... describe your personality, and I'll ship you with an MLP character.

That aside, I thought we weren't allowed to do bandwagons anymore. :rainbowhuh:

3659389 Hmm, Imagine Pinkie Pie mashed with Fluttershy with a bit of season 1 Twilight somewhere in there :rainbowlaugh:

Not sure, maybe Colgate or Twinkleshine? :facehoof: by the way, do you have a deviantart page?

Cheese Sandwich! :pinkiecrazy:

3659410 Who do you ship me with?

3659409 I do indeed, but I haven't posted anything, I just like to look at other people's art. :twilightsmile:

3659412 Oh noes! I has stolen Pinkie's boo! :pinkiegasp::pinkiecrazy:

3659418 Trixie and Moon Dancer :moustache:

Wow, this will be hard.

Okay... hyper, fun, shy, kind, smart, hesitant at times... hmm... OH, SCREW IT! Who is your favorite male pony? :rainbowlaugh:

3659433 Your profile pic is adorable btw. :twilightsmile:

3659429 I can't stand Trixie, although I don't know who moon dancer is, the name reminds me of the moon children.

3659433 My favorite's Cheese Sandwich :rainbowwild:

Summer Dancer x Cheese Sandwich is now an official ship. He also does fit some of your personality.

3659462 Henceforth it shall be canon! :moustache:

Operation: Secret Relationship is a go!

Canon! Canon! Fire the Canon Ship Cannons!

3659627 Oh God, it's official, I'm having an affair :rainbowlaugh:

I'd ship you with pudding, pie, cake, and all those sweets. Maybe something healthy as well so you don't get sick on your voyage.:raritywink:

Whoo-hoo! Fire the Canon Ship Cannons, somebody!

I can already imagine the babies... wait, I'm going too fast. :rainbowlaugh:

UPS. Where are you going?

Bueno Excellente.

(JK, I wouldn't wish that horror on anyone.)

I'll ship you with my own orignal character Prince Lightning Alicane Flash.
Look Here:

I legally can't be within 100 feet of this conversation.

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