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Happy New Years~ · 6:19am Jan 1st, 2016

I'm Lieutenant Dan.

So Kingsley basically summed up what happened this year in this video pretty well, except a few things ofc.

So, it's the new year here where I am (12:04 at the time of writing this) and 2015 has come and gone. I have school coming up in a couple days, which sucks majorly, but you know what, hopefully I'm more prepared for the things coming my way. Didn't do a lot of things writing wise this year(compared to the SombraPie Fever of last year), but I'm glad to still be here despite that. Two years of SombraPie and I'm coming up on three years of being on this site.

So, here's a couple resolutions I have:

-Talk to my friends more(I say as I'm on the computer at home).
-Write more(I say as I'm writing this blog post).
-Get better grades(I say as I ignore my essay for English).
-Get back to exercising(I say as I eat Blue Bell ice cream).
-Stop stressing out so much.

OK, so basically I'm gonna end up doing none of those things, am I? Cool? Cool.

For those of you not here yet, see you in 2016.

Edit: And, just to remind myself why I should be excited for 2016...

And last, but not least....

I turn 18 next September! Meaning I get to vote in the general election! Sucks it's not the primaries, tho...

Here's to 2016. May it not screw us in the ass.

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Comments ( 7 )

Happy New Year! I hope you have a good one :twilightsmile:


-Talk to my friends more(I say as I'm on the computer at home).

You can do that on your computer at home.

-Write more(I say as I'm writing this blog post).

Blogs are writing.

-Get better grades(I say as I ignore my essay for English).

English is a stupid subject and we'd all be better served if it were broken up into a greater number of more focused classes. Education crisis: Solved. Next!

-Get back to exercising(I say as I eat Blue Bell ice cream).

Why are exercising and Blue Bell ice cream mutually exclusive. I mean, it's not like you're eating cheesecake pizza.

-Stop stressing out so much.

... it is time. I knew this day would come.

Harmony Charmer. You are no longer a little filly, but have become a young mare. It is time for you to learn. To learn the philosophy I have tried to live my own life by since I was no longer able to drink like it was going out of style.

Prepare yourself, for your mind is about to be opened to the nigh-infinite possibilities of low-stress life!

Low-stress life!

Where the hell is my reverb?! Sparkle!

Where are you?!

I gave you one job!

Wait they're making a new Yu-Gi-Oh movie with the old characters, heck ya! Oh and that other stuff is cool too (except the new ghost busters).

Happy New Year. Have a good one.:twilightsmile:

Happy new year! I hope your resolutions go well :twilightsmile: Not stressing out so much is a really good one - I've tried it and life tends to be a lot more fun when you're not constantly worrying about stuff :twilightblush:

Hope you have a amazing year ! :pinkiehappy:

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