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I'm an IT Brony who writes stories based on a show for 8-year old girls whose content is meant for anything but 8-year old girls.

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  • Thursday
    Midnight Rising done; next up is Nightmare Night

    But before I address that, I want to touch on my previous blog posts regarding my attempted defiance of a workplace vaccine mandate. They generated a ton of comments which, at least for the most part, were fairly civil despite vehement disagreement. For that, I thank all concerned. It's a rare thing nowadays.

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  • 1 week
    It appears I poked a hornet's nest...

    In the previous blog post. So be it. All I ask is that folks keep it civil and refrain from personal abuse. :twilightsmile:

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  • 1 week
    The good news and the bad news...

    The good news is that the Midnight Rising chapter draft is complete, and as a bonus, I may shortly have much more time to be writing with. The bad news is that I may shortly have more time because I’m liable to lose my job at a large financial firm for refusing to obey a vaccine mandate. :twilightangry2:

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  • 2 weeks
    Where things stand with Midnight Rising and Feathered Hearts

    Well, folks, I’ve been writing a lot over the past week, but I’ve been splitting my attention between the next Midnight Rising chapter and Feathered Hearts. The former was coming frustratingly slowly as I couldn’t seem to find the correct angle for it, while the latter was coming quite quickly. I was working on the next main story chapter and thought it might be ready within days.

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  • 3 weeks
    More Midnight Rising ahead and... Feathered Hearts?

    Well, with the latest Midnight Rising release in the rear view mirror—a warm welcome to new readers, and I’m still hoping to see a few more comments!—another new MR chapter is on deck; this one for Sour Sweet. With regards to her, I have to be honest—of all my original story chapters, hers was probably my least favorite.

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Movie Night: New M-rated story by AJ_Aficionado! · 4:00pm Dec 22nd, 2015

Edited by yours truly and set in the Gentlemanverse, a continuation of his previous M-rated stories The Scent of Prey and A Gentleman's Price--which, for those of you who are unaware, involve HiE and some rather interesting predator/prey roleplay... but also a deepening relationship between Richard, a human escort, and Roseluck, his latest client. :rainbowwild:

It takes place two years in the future after AGP, with Roseluck and her now-husband Richard settling into married life and trying to rekindle their passions which have waned somewhat. And what better way than watching some illicit human/pony porn smuggled in by Lyra? So give Movie Night a try!

M-rated so available through his story page. He's an up-and-coming author, one I've been tutoring, and his improvement has been impressive over the past year. If you haven't already, give his stories a read!

Comments ( 4 )

Friendship is promotional! Thank you so much, sensei! :rainbowkiss:

The TV intro of the new story really reminded me of FSS (in the best way). Your influence is really apparent there.

3636251 I thought it was a great, clever opener.

3636364 5SS was definitely on my mind when I went with that angle. I want Movie Night to be seen as a giant leap forward. I feel like it's the first thing I've ever wrote that had a truly defined style to it. I know what kind of writer I am now and it feels very nice!

Still no cutie mark though... :fluttercry:

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