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I'm just a random user who writes a lot of different ideas that pop into my strange mind, and ships almost everything imaginable.

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Anyone Looking for an Editor? · 7:32pm Dec 14th, 2015

Hello followers! As the title states: are any of you looking for an editor to help with your stories?

If you are, then I could help! I am a huge grammar Nazi at times, and would enjoy helping. I do not use Google Docs, so if you want help, send me a link via PM to your story on this site, along with the unpublished view password. I could then comment/PM you your mistakes. :twilightsmile:

Me when I come across a story with a storm of grammar mistakes. (Haven't seen one of those in a while.)

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Comments ( 18 )


Alright! When you start another story, you may PM the link to me. I am excited to read what you have and help in any way I can! :pinkiehappy:

R-Really ? ... if you arent busy then please can you help me

3618389 Oh really ? Thankyouthankyou:twilightsmile::twilightsmile:


No problem! Always happy to help! :pinkiehappy:

PM me a link to a story you want me to edit. :twilightsmile:

I need an editor, but I have no idea how to do the thingy or anything... my Dragon story needs work, and I would appreciate some help


Alright! All you need to do is link me to your story. If it hasn't been published, you could either make an unpublished view password when creating your story, or just send the link without the password. It isn't completely necessary to have one.

I'll be glad to help! PM me your story, and I can read through and tell you what needs to be fixed. :pinkiehappy:

3618436 Ok then ... Thanks

I am interested in an editor, but I want to finish reading the DSMIV and St. Martin's handbook first. While communication does hold a high priority for me, having people complement me for fewer spelling, sentence, and logic errors does not rate very highly on my to do list. Plus, I'm very good with the self discipline, and don't need a personal manager either.


Okay. Tell me when you're ready, and if you want me to point out grammar mistakes, or just making sure the story flows perfectly. I understand what you mean; going back and changing the little mistakes can be a hassle at times. I'm fine with whatever you decide. :twilightsmile:

I could use an editor on some of my fics. I've got three that don't have an editor. Thing is, with one of them I've got nothing down for the next chapter...


Well, I can help edit! Just send the story chapters to me through PM (I think you probably know, but I'll say anyway: there is a way for others to access your unpublished chapters through an unpublished view password). I can then make changes in a separate document, copy and paste it, and then go over the things that were corrected.

If that all sounds alright with you, send a PM with your story, and I would be happy to read over it! :twilightsmile:

I'm super late to the party! Could I ask for your help editing? :pinkiesad2:


Sorry, but no. My life's gotten fuller since I made this post, even so I find it hard enough to finish chapters in a reasonable amount of time. :twilightoops:

Once again, I apologize :twilightblush::scootangel:

4432912 Haha, I totally understand. :rainbowwild: I appreciate the response!


Thanks for understanding! :twilightsmile:

Also, thanks for the watch! :pinkiehappy:

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