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    who the hell is still alive on this shithole

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    New story, Closer Than You'd Think, is out now!

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it's that time of year · 7:23pm Dec 1st, 2015

we're gonna christmas old-school style

yep, christmas time is here!

it even rained last night

...fuck chicago weather

anyhow let's all get our santa hats on and hope that Father Knighty thinks we're good boys and girls this year, even though I've been a terrible cunt in general

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Comments ( 5 )

Hey, it may have rained last night but at least we got a foot of snow in November

It rained for you? I'm in LA, and it hasn't rained in a while... And the last few times it rained, it barely rained at all. By the way, did you know that California is in a major drought? Count your lucky stars, sir, because I like plants that are alive and thriving. Not much of that left here.

It's snowing currently for me, how about yourself?

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