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Clop is proof that God wants us to be happy.

  • MDaddy's mare
    Scootaloo always loved her dad, far more than other fillies loved theirs. And when her daddy comes clean about one of his naughty fantasies, Scootaloo decides to make it come true.
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OMG DADDY'S MARE! And an open call for proof readers · 4:47pm Dec 1st, 2015

First things first:

HOLY BOOBS DADDY'S MARE MADE FRONT PAGE!!! The story took one day to break the 2000 views mark! I would've never thought that it would be so popular! I want to thank all my fans, old and new, all the commentators and especially Twilight is the best for coming up with the idea. There is quite a demand for a possible sequel, and something might be in the work in the upcoming weeks.

To everyone who wanted a sequel to a night of fun, don't worry I'm still working on it.

Now Second things second:

I'd like some proof readers for the next clop fic I'm writing, all I need is just someone to catch all my grammar screw ups and spelling mistakes. PM me if you're interested (if you'd like someone to give a look over one of your stories don't hesitate to ask!)

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Feel free to PM me. I'd be honored!

I'm game. I've been looking for something to pass the time while I wait for the world to make sense. Shoot me a PM and I'll see what I can do, if you want me to help, that is.

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