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Hey I write things. Like litterally all the time. Sometimes it is pony related and that ends up here. Funny how things change this used to be a sometimes thing but now its all the time.

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  • 173 weeks
    I've done it again... ;_;

    So I guess this might be another story announcement. I mean it definitely is one just that I'm not certain I will actually upload it. I have a new standard in uploads, in that I need to have four chapters written before posting. So the first one is written and I intemd to keep writing but to be honest the last...let me check...nine...damn it...havent gotten there. Well that isnt quite true one

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  • 184 weeks
    I'm alive, still, again, uh, yeah...

    so yeah as the title says. I'm alive. Things got hairy there for a while. Like really really hairy. But great news, I'm doing better. Finally got housing in December, after being homeless for three and a half years. I have meds that work now and that means less issues with my manic depression, and well the down episodes that brought along. I'm stable, or well much more stable than I was. But it

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  • 228 weeks
    So yeah

    I hit the point of divergence with the rewrite of Broken then healed. Way earlier than I expected. To be fair it is just a rearrangement of when things happen but enough so that I am in mostly uncharted waters now. I hope to keep the same magic the first had but it is also time to introduce some of the completely new elements of the story.

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  • 228 weeks
    Taking a break

    For my mental health I am taking a break for a bit from my pony writing. or well my current projects. I promise I will come back at some point but not certain when. May be in a week may be in a year. or tomorrow. I just need to write something new I think. Maybe I should work on Vitem or something. I mean to be fair I am very very mentally and emotionally exhausted right now. I kinda want to just

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  • 228 weeks
    Downs trips and updates

    so this is your warning , cause like trigger warnings are a thing I believe in. SI

    I attempted suicide on monday. I am still out of it though out of the hospital now. Really kinda not recovered which of course is going to effect my ability to write for a while. Still I am going to be working on my stories when i can but yeah today is not that day.

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Chapter 5 is done...huzah · 4:36am Nov 5th, 2015

I bet you lot don't need daily updates on this but yeah, expect it tomorrow at some point. Also, I have a cool person who has offered to do a cover for the first book. I love nanowrimo, so much extra words done.

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