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  • 236 weeks
    All About Threats

    I read that scientists, by using magnets, had 'turned off' the threat centres in people's brains, and that this made them 'change their attitudes towards immigrants.' Obviously, the stunning revelation that people don't like immigrants because they feel threatened by them is one that will echo down the ages as a revelation made possible only by scientific brilliance, but given that such

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  • 238 weeks
    A Blog Post But as Soon as I Start Getting Grumpy I Stop Typing

    One thing I've noticed a lot of around YouTube recently is videos with 'X but Y' titles. You know, things like 'Dragon Ball Z but every time we see people screaming at each other in a desert the video speeds up', or 'Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart but it's a Pokemon boss-battle theme'. With this in mind, is there any chance of seeing 'Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones but every time Hayden

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  • 240 weeks
    An American Fail?

    Apparently the British satirical magazine Private Eye is now listed on numerous 'fake news' sites for having covers like this:

    This, coupled with the existence of the show Friends, leads me to the conclusion that comedy is a largely unpractised art in the USA.

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  • 242 weeks

    I've seen the phrase "Don't read it if you don't like it!" written on quite a lot of fanfictions lately. Granted, I've been seeking out the truly awful ones (sorting the chaff from the wheat, as it were) for my personal collection, so that might explain why I've seen so much of it. Read on for my thoughts.

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  • 243 weeks
    50(ish) Followers!

    As I've reached 50 followers, here's a thank you video. Well, slideshow with me talking over the top. Don't quibble, Horatio. A lot of this seems to be because Somepony Tries to Sell Twilight Insurance has just been posted on FIMFiction as part of the Royal Canterlot Library collection. I am, understandably, chuffed to bits.

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Shy Violet is best Color Kid · 6:52pm Oct 29th, 2015

And what does Violet do? She thinks things out.* In the spirit of forward thinking, rather than write the epilogue next, I'm planning to rewrite the earlier chapters of Doctor Whooves and the Auton Invasion of Equestria a bit - iron out inconsistancies, that sort of thing. The edits will probably all be done simultaneously in the next few days, as I'm planning to do it all on Libre Office on my computer, then paste it in en masse. If anyone feels like re-reading the whole thing to pick up the improvements, I'll post again when it's done, then post the epilogue afterwards so as any new readers get only the very best version.

*Even on this site, no one watches Rainbow Brite. Sad, isn't it?

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