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Final Push! · 10:43pm Oct 21st, 2015

EDIT: WOOT! (But you can keep throwing money at them.) :raritywink:

With just 8 6 hours left, we're less than 20k less than 10k! from Them's Fightin' Herds final stretch goal: a new, seventh character's stage and storyline! :pinkiegasp:

Donate now while you can still chip in: it's only $15 for the full game!

Pinkie 'Paca demands it!

Story blog posts will continue after goats are funded. :coolphoto:

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I already threw in my $15 a couple weeks ago, and if I had any more I could afford to, I totally would.

That said, at this point the ~5k to get the goat is plausible, the 14k beyond that, not so likely.

You'd be surprised. There are lots of ponies watching the endgame, so I think it will hit.


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