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Them Fightin' Herds Again · 10:25am Oct 19th, 2015

With 69 [insert joke here] hours left, Them Fightin' Herds fundraiser have made its! :yay:

Its currently sitting at 105% (459,254$), so might make it to the Mac/Linux port, but alas I doubt we'll be seeing the subtle glory of the goat unicorn with two horns character.

I like to imagine he'd look something like this, though:


(Go read Horsewife if you didn't get that joke.)

Still, thought I'd say that now's the eleventh hour of the founding campaign, so if you're planning to pitch in but haven't yet now's the time. :twilightsmile:

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Whelp, I put in my 15$. Thanks for letting me know about this. Amazing what fans can do.


Oh, almost forgot a link.

But yeah, TFH is quite the impressive little project. Big reason why I'm hammering the drum to create some interest like this. :raritywink:

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