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"recolor vinyl dashboard" · 12:36pm Oct 14th, 2015

I was doing some feasibility research on refinishing a truck interior by reading car forums/DIY posts/etc.

Carbros must hate us.

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The last one is adorable.


Clear your browser's history (especially if it's Chrome) or turn incognito mode on. It's all it takes. :rainbowlaugh:

Actually, it's quite interesting how most people forget (or don't realize, but in your case I'm pretty sure it's the former :raritywink:) that Google search results are tailored to your browsing habits. I can guarantee you that any trucker (unless of course he/she is also a brony :pinkiecrazy:) would find vastly different results under the exact same query.

The era of the Internet common for its every user ended about 5 years ago. Now everyone browses their own web (especially via Google search :ajbemused:).

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I use Chrome exclusively; I loaded up Firefox (normal and private) and Internet Explorer, didn't log in to Google, and got identical results. Even tried doing a Bing image search!

If it's IP-based... well, I feel really sorry for my coworkers...

Curiouser and curiouser... I did search for the exact same phrase with my chrome (logged in, visiting EqD and FimFiction everyday :rainbowlaugh:) and in graphics hit only two ponies on the first "page". The other pictures featured some sprays and car interiors (which, I suppose, is something you hoped to find :pinkiecrazy:).
In incognito mode the search gave the same result.

In conclusion: I got the same results and you got the same results, but they are hugely different between you and me... I don't know how Google does it, but they do tailor the search result based on something...

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That's kind of horrifying. Sigh.

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