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Unfortunately on Hiatus · 4:27am Sep 19th, 2015

I really hate to say it, but until further notice, Kingdom Hearts: Friendship's Turmoil will be on hiatus. :ajsleepy:

I was trying to fight it, saying I could just force myself to write for the story, but the last three attempts in doing so ended with me not happy in the least with my work. I just couldn't get into it. There could be several factors affecting this, but nonetheless, I can't post a chapter I if I'm not satisfied with it. I didn't want to do this, thinking maybe I could wait a bit more, but considering it's been over four months, I doubt I'll be able to get this funk out of me any time soon.

This isn't to say the story is cancelled! I'm sure in the future I'll find that spark of inspiration again. I apologize for leaving the story where it is now, and I do hope to get to it as soon as possible. And if in the end, I can't get back into the story - hopefully it won't come to that - I can always have another writer finish it. But that will be a last resort! I really don't want to cancel the story, so there is no worry about that.

If anyone wants to ask questions regarding this hiatus, then by all means, leave a comment. I'll try my best to answer whatever is bugging you. And if you'd rather something more private, I accept all PM's as well.

Again, I'm deeply sorry for this hiatus. :fluttershysad:

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This type of situation is not uncommon for a writer of your caliber, Superdale33. You've already been demonstrating your creative writing styles in more than one story, and trying to keep up with updates and deadlines of your choosing. I myself, a beginner who has yet to post his first story on Fimfiction.net, have seen time and time again of authors encountering various 'Writers Block' symptoms that impede their thriving imagination to make an original and unique story. In other words, I am no hypocrite and stranger to the outside realm of real life and the internet dominion. Sometimes everyone has to wonder and figure out their next move without having the need to back out as an option in case it doesn't work out for them. In our lives we are born with a specific passion or hobby that allows us, people, to demonstrate, share, aspire, or contribute in some way where our work speaks for itself, that we are different from each other. :moustache:

Losing that drive will eat up that individual mentally without deriving more fuel from a justified source. As you said before, your trying to force yourself into writing your story, and have tried three times with no meaningful effect.

What does that mean? Forced? Attempted?

It's an artificial phase where you delude yourself into a false spirit that lacks heart. In no way at all am I disrespecting you with that last statement. It is merely my own personal opinion. :eeyup:

Overall, when we start something, we start out strong. But eventually it all goes downhill unless we allow it.

Just because a problem arises doesn't necessarily mean it can't be solved in time. And please keep in mind that I'm not enforcing or discouraging you, Superdale33. You have every bit of power and intention to do what you wish with your own stories as a final say in the matter.

P.S. I listened to a motivational soundtrack to comment.

I'll wait for it

Happens sometimes. But hey, someday you will have inspiration and next thing you know you will put out twenty chapters before you know it.

Take your time mate. This is your story, not ours. We may be your adoring, screaming fans, but if we're good ones, we'd understand the need for a break and let your have it, wishing you the best of luck. When you come back, it's sure to be better than ever!

Stay Brony!

I understand the writers block (boy do I get it sometimes :ajbemused:) but I really wanna know what happens next! Play the games again or read the storyline. Not to be pushy, but I really like this story and its Been AWHILE :twilightsheepish:
I'm sorry again if I come across pushy:twilightblush:

4316020 No worries! Honestly, I do need to get motivated to get back in. Even if I'm having thoughts on just starting over, I should simply finish this at the very least, since so many people want it done.

4316023 yay! :yay: I'm a motivation!:pinkiehappy: But I'm glad you're gonna try and finish the story. I say do one chapter of everything coming to a head, then a chapter of the big final battle, then an epilogue. Hows that? Does that help? Please tell me that helps :fluttershysad:
Lol I'm a natural story writer, so I know how to end a good story:pinkiehappy:

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